Posted by Jacci Leib
RYLA will happen this summer over the course of three different weeks. Two camps will be day camps where parents (or students) will need to drive to and from daily. One camp will be virtual.
Both day camps can accept 30 students and will cost $250 while the virtual camp can accept 36 students and will cost $50.
The deadlines for the camps all vary due to the dates of the camps. That's why there are three different applications!  The highlighted yellow section is for your club to decide a due date for your applicants. Your club will fill that in after you download it from the 5710 website.
If you have any students who are good candidates, but your club has not set aside enough funding for them, please send those 'extra'  RYLA applications to me (not Mandy). Often there are clubs with extra funding, but not enough students that have applied.  
Otherwise, everything is submitted to Mandy via email ( with the checks being mailed to the address on the form.
Please visit the RYLA page of the website for applications and brochure!