District 5680 PDG Andrea Krauss arranged with Dr. Marci Nielsen, who is spearheading the Rollout of Covid-19 vaccines in Kansas, to be interviewed by Sue Tirukonda, President of the Rotary Club of Wichita. That highly informative Webinar on March 10th has been recorded for your use.
The video includes Dr. Nielsen’s scientifically backed answers to very timely questions about vaccines and other proven ways to beat the Pandemic. It is HIGHLY TRUSTWORTHY INFORMATION. 
Only 45 minutes long, IT IS A PERSUASIVE RESOURCE for use as Club Programs and Community Forums.
As Dr. Marci stresses to us, one of the most effective things we can do to support the vaccination efforts is to be vaccinated ourselves, as soon as it’s our turn.  And we need to let others know we have, without significant side effects. 
Till then, to bend the curve further, keep social distancing and keep wearing masks to protect those who can’t be immunized (infants, people with compromised immune systems and unimmunized older folks).  We can't afford to let up now - we've come too far and there's too much at stake!
Click on the video below to watch!