T.E.A.M. Rotary Training
August 19, 2017
Cider Gallery—Lawrence, Kansas
T = Transform your club. E= Engage your members.
A = Advance your mission. M = Make a Difference.
Welcome - DG Adam Ehlert & Kathleen Morgan, President, Lawrence Rotary
Reframing YOUR Rotary Story—J.C. Burcham
Developing the Next Rotary Leader—Chuck Udell
Foundation Nuts & Bolts—Greg Shondell/Jim Mattes
Grants 101: Product Development & Project Ideas—Shondell/Mattes
Generational Leadership—Tom Gray
Secrets & Sneak Peaks - aka - Keeping Members Informed and Rotary’s New Branding—Pat O’Donnell
20 Ideas in 20 Minutes—Jason Camis
Leveraging Rotary Technology—Mandy Sheldon
Closing - DG Adam Ehlert, DGE Blanche Parks, DGN Jason Leib