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Paul Harris Society members make a difference in the lives

of people around the world. 


What is The Paul Harris Society?

The Paul Harris Society is a special district recognition program designed for Rotarians and friends of the Rotary Foundation who wish to pledge their support with a gift of $1,000 (or more) each year.  We know that most Rotarians are very charity minded and this is a great program to include in your regular charitable giving plan.  


Your contribution will help Rotarians to reach out and touch mankind all over the world.

Rotary sponsored and funded programs around the globe are supported by donations to the Rotary Foundation. A portion of these funds also come back to the clubs in the form of District Grants to help local clubs with the resources needed to spread these great programs to those most in need of them. 


This is why you joined Rotary - to make a difference in the World. 

You may not be able to directly serve somewhere else in the world, but you can support those who do.  This is the important giving that makes all the other programs possible, without your commitment, the ideal of service fostered by Rotary would not be possible.   


What do I do to sign up now?

If you feel the call to add your support to the good works done by Rotary at home and around the world please download the Paul Harris Society Brochure in the left column. 

Paul Harris Society Chair - Chuck Udell, chuckudell@msn.com




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