World Polio Day 2018
Kansas State Governor Issues Proclamation Honoring Kansas Rotary and World Polio Day
Kansas Rotary District #5710, in its first district wide event for Polio Plus, celebrated World Polio Day at the historic and recently renovated Kansas State Capitol Building on October 24, 2018.  Rotarians from across Kansas met in the beautiful Kansas Capitol Rotunda.  
The event was opened by District Governor Blanche Parks and began with a program focused on testimonials of polio survivors. The keynote address by District #5710 Honorary Polio Chair, Jim Arnett, highlighted the status and vital importance of Rotary’s Polio Eradication efforts.  He thanked the 45 Clubs of District #5710 for their record Polio Plus funding this last year including the Gates Foundation matching funds that approached Half a Million $’s. ( Possibly include link to district Youtube of event: )
In honor of the District’s support of Polio Plus, the State of Kansas Governor issued a Proclamation that declared the day “World Polio Day” in the State of Kansas.  Chair Jim accepted the Proclamation on behalf of all Kansas Rotarians.  (possibly insert photo of the Proclamation here)
The entire event was taped and covered on the District website and District’s new YouTube Channel. Interviews with our Polio Survivor speakers were featured on both of the Local ABC and NBC television evening newscasts.  (possibly insert a link to the KSN-T newscast: does Vernon have it?)   Polio Plus funding events that were sponsored for World Polio Day by a number of the District clubs were described and promoted during the program.    
As a tribute to polio survivors all around the world, a talented opera singer from a local college sang the song, “You Will Never Walk Alone” and it reverberated in the Dome as she sang. Everything was beautiful!  
At the conclusion of the event, many Rotarians and guests participated in tours of the Capitol Building and Dome. This was followed by a Walk for Polio around the Capitol grounds, while displaying the District’s new “End Polio Now” Banners. (insert photo of the Walk here)
Rotarians and guests came to the event from as far as St. Louis, MO, and both Western Kansas, and Eastern Kansas including Johnson County, Manhattan and Topeka areas.  The audience included Kansas Legislators, elected officials from Topeka and Manhattan, and representatives of other Rotary districts. Everyone agreed that the event deserved “rave reviews” for the entire Kansas Rotary World Polio Day!