Rotary Global Rewards
District Announces New Competition to Encourage
Participation in Global Rewards Program
            District Governor Blanche Parks has announced a new club competition that will provide an opportunity for one club to receive $1,000 for its unrestricted use for Club projects.  “This friendly competition is designed to introduce our members to the Global Rewards Program and encourage member use,” Blanche stated.
            “The Global Rewards Program can encourage membership retention by offering discounts to members while also supporting the Rotary Foundation,” said District Rewards Chairman, Grant Glenn.
            Purpose: To encourage awareness and use of Rotary International’s new significant member benefit, Rotary Global Rewards Program.  This Program encourages membership and retention by offering significant discounts on purchases by members who use this Program.  In addition, some of the participating merchants make a donation of part of the purchase price to the RI Foundation.
            Prize:  Clubs that participate will compete for the District Governor’s Award of $1,000 for unrestricted use for the winner’s service projects to be presented at the District Meeting in Topeka in April, 2019.  In addition, winning and participating Clubs will receive much recognition by the District at the District Meeting and in Future Publications!
            Competition.  Clubs that meet the Basic Requirements, as described below, will earn two points for each member who adds the Global Rewards Application to his or her phone, and one point for each member who certifies he or she has made a purchase using the application or the website.  One member can earn up to three points for the Club.  Total points earned by the Club will be divided by the total members of the Club to get the Club’s Participation Ratio.  The Club meeting the Basic Requirements with the highest Participation Ratio is the winner. 
            Dates of Determination.  All Club entries must be received on or before March 31.  Number of Members in the Club shall be determined as of January 1, 2019.
            Basic Requirements.  Participating Clubs shall certify that they regularly publish the link to the Global Rewards Program on their website and newsletter and have a member who acts as the Club’s Global Award’s Liaison, who becomes familiar with the Program and is willing to help members use the Program.  A member of the Club’s membership Committee is encouraged to act as the Liaison. The Liaison should be identified to the District Global Rewards Chairman when determined.
            For more information about the Program, contact Grant Glenn, 913-488-0759 or