We package and ship meals to feed people in need. We have engaged over 500,000 corporate, student,

civic and faith-based volunteers to package meals. We educate thousands of people each year about hunger and inspire them to help end it. This year, we will package 45 million meals, and ship over $9 million in donated aid, mainly vitamins and medical supplies.


How Does This Help?


Stop Hunger Now meals are nutritiously sound. Every dehydrated rice/soy meal is fortified with 23 essential vitamins and nutrients. Research has shown that one in three people in developing countries are adversely affected by vitamin and mineral deficiencies. 
With Rotary support, relief organizations such as Stop Hunger Now have the means to deliver to ongoing school feeding programs that sustain lifelong change. Providing a hot meal during school gives parents an incentive to send their children to school. Through receiving a primary school education, the cycle of poverty can begin to be broken by leveraging change in many other issues including education, maternal health, childhood mortality, gender equality and combating HIV/AIDS.


What Is Meal Packaging?


It is an immensely fun, hands-on and rewarding experience for anyone of any age. A group of 40 to 50 volunteers can package 10,000 meals in just two hours.  To host an event the minimum number of meals packaged is 65,000 for an individual club. A group of clubs that package on or around the same day and in the same area can also team up to reach 65,000 meals.  To get started in organizing your packaging event, set a goal for the number of meals you will package and contact your local program coordinator. Start to recruit volunteers based on the number of meals you plan to package. Then you can begin to fund your event. 


For our District 5370 the cost per meal is $.29 US or $2900 US for 10,000 meals plus travel and transportation costs  ($1,625 to $3,250 CND depending on how many meals are shipped) for Stop Hunger Now staff to facilitate your event. 


District 5370 Stop Hunger Now Team Liaison is:

Wayne McCutcheon wsm@shaw.ca so contact him if you are interested in joining an event already scheduled in your area or wish to consider hosting your own.