The Learning & Development Team of District 5370 seeks to help all Rotarians in the district deepen their understanding of the breadth of Rotary and how Rotary fits into our world. Only through exposure to the breadth of Rotary can we determine where and how Rotary fits into our world.

As the District Learning & Development Team, we endeavor to help each Rotarian define what Rotary means to them.  Through learning about the endless opportunities Rotary provides, each Rotarian will discover their purpose within Rotary and in doing so, find new and creative ways to help themselves and Rotary grow.

Learning about Rotary does not happen in a vacuum, we want all Rotarians to actively participate in our development sessions. It is critical that members contextualize the learnings from the sessions and take away a framework and game plan to ensure your club’s success.

A huge thank you to the many volunteers who sit on the District Learning & Development Team. They give of their time and talent to make you a better Rotarian. Let’s support them by participating in the many excellent learning opportunities they make available to you.   

Yours in Rotary,

Donna Barrett

Chair, District 5370 Learning & Development Committee