The District 5370 Learning & Development Team seeks to help all Rotarians within our district deepen their understanding of Rotary and how it fits into our world.  Imagine the possibilities! Exposure, participation and understanding of Rotary will assist us in how we determine where and how Rotary fits into our changing world.

The District Learning & Development Team endeavors to help each Rotarian discover what Rotary means to them.  We have heard from our membership that they want new innovative ideas and learning to increase member engagement, strategic planning, diversity & inclusion, fundraising, executive & committee chair training, dialoguing with other clubs, Clubrunner & My training, and peace literacy.

Learning about Rotary does not happen alone.  We want all Rotarians to actively participate in our development sessions.  We are looking at ideas mentioned above, including our new Mentorship Program for Secretaries & Treasurers.

Thank you to the 20 volunteers who sit on the District Learning & Development Team.  They give their time, talent & skills to help make you a better Rotarian.  Feel free to reach out to any of us to excel in the learning opportunities available to you.

Yours in Rotary,

Jody Swanson

Chair, District 5370 Learning & Development Committee