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In this area, Rotarians strive for the advancement of international understanding, goodwill, and peace through a world fellowship of business and professional persons united in the ideal of service.  International Service Projects are designed to meet the humanitarian needs of people in many lands, with particular emphasis on the most underprivileged children and families in developing countries.  International Services are characterized by the following Areas of Focus:


·         Peace and conflict prevention/resolution

·         Disease prevention and treatment 

·         Water and sanitation 

·         Maternal and child health 

·         Basic education and literacy 

·         Economic and community development  

Our new District 5370 Service Projects website enables our clubs to become more connected and in so doing to be more successful with our grant applications.  You will be able to review what other clubs are doing in all Avenues of Service.

To: Club Service Chairs of International Avenue of Service

(Club Presidents and Secretaries please forward this to your International Services Director if there name is not listed on Club Runner )

From: Nonie Buski


Chris Cheeseman and I serve on the District Services Committee in relation to International Services.

Please review the attached letter from our District Governor to all club Presidents.  Our District has developed an information tool designed to help us become more efficient in outlining the entire scope of International Service projects in the District, to enable our clubs to become more connected and in so doing to be more successful with our grant applications.  You will be able to review what other clubs are doing in all avenues of service.

There is a link on the District 5370 Website or simply Google “service projects district 5370 database” and voila there you are.  Unless you already have an account, you will need to set one up with your email address and password.  Easy stuff!  Then you can access what other clubs have already input to get a sense of what is required.  

In order for this to work the projects need to be entered.   The descriptions do not need to be long, just enough to provide a sense of the project.  As the Chair of International Services in your club, we trust you will be able to do this in the next few weeks.  The database is virtually self-guiding and additional orientation is available if desired.   If your club responsibilities change, please pass this information to the new chair and let me know so I can update my mailing list.

As District International Services Chairs we will be reviewing the gathered information from all clubs and hope to be able to circulate some of the projects, ideas and opportunities for collaboration with other clubs as they arise.  Please contact me if you have questions or concerns when entering the information.  We trust you will find this information useful as you plan and manage your club projects.

Thanks so much for helping out!


Nonie Buski/Chris Cheeseman

District 5370 District Services

International Service Chairs  

You are more than welcome to telephone me at 780-973-6820 or email me at  Chris’s email is

International Chairs:

Chris Cheeseman


Nonie Buski