Insurance for District 5370 is provided through a National Insurance Program set up to insure Canadian Rotary Clubs & Districts.  The program covers Rotary activities and protects the District, its Clubs, Rotary members, spouses and volunteers.

The plan is administered by 5 Rotarians, who are insurance brokers from different regions in Canada.


The plan is compulsory for all clubs in our District and your club is billed for their portion of the premium, based on the number of members in each club. The policy year starts on July 1st of each year. Please download the Insurance Program for a detailed outline of the program coverage.


Our Rotary brokers are Irwin Kumka and Chris Iwankow.  Their contact information is listed below.


If you are planning a Rotary Event (other than a regular club meeting) please download the Event Planning Guide and answer the questions and additional questionnaires as directed by the Event Planning Guide.


If you have any questions or concerns – please do not hesitate to call our Rotary Insurance Brokers:


Irwin Kumka                                          Chris Iwankow
Phone:  204-631-0732                             Phone:  204-631-0795
Cell:      204-792-2991                              Cell:      204-894-1792
Email:   irwin_kumka@ajg.com              Email:   chris_iwankow@ajg.com