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Mayfield Flyer April 23, 2013

Notes Taken by: Lorne Wight

Meeting Chaired by: Linda Pincock

Greeter: Lorne Wight cheerfully met most people at the door to welcome them to the meeting!

O Canada: Led by Grant

Grace: A short but sincere Grace was offered up by Lorne.

Guests: Bruce Uditsky & Terry Ryan (our guest speakers); Tamara Sieben & Aaron Palashniuk (guests of Bruce Uditsky); Nadine Fulmer (Rotary Employment Partnership and incoming President of the Rotary Club of Edmonton Northeast); Brian Wilkie (a former and soon to be again, member of our club)

Welcome Song: Lead by Grant and followed by the usual array of hugging and hand shaking.

Birthdays & Anniversaries: April 22 – Jim Galpin; April 23 (today) - John Nypuik (Lorne announced that John shares his birthday with Lorne’s sister) – we all sang Happy Birthday to “Johnny”.


1)       Eden: Update on next year’s speakers, will be business/motivational/inspirational! 1st Wednesday of every month will be a classification talk to get to know our own members better.

2)       Linda: Masquerade Ball being hosted by Rotary Club of St Albert

3)       Linda: Sherwood Park Club is changing their name at a ceremony April 24 from “Centennial” to  “Heartland”.

4)       Terry: Our pancake breakfast was featured in the YMCA newsletter, giving Rotary some nice coverage.

5)       Terry: We have an invitation for five Rotarians to attend the Brightview Bistro on May 21 at 12:45 PM – a thank you luncheon. Let Terry know if you are interested.

6)       Gill: Foundation update letters are being distributed – see Gill if you need forms or any assistance donating.

7)       Brian Wilkie: Reminder that Sunrise Club’s “Planes, Trains and Auctionables” goes May 2 at the Doubletree Hilton.

Rotary Minute: Alas – Julius and his bride are still travelling down south (don’t blame them based on the current weather) – so no Rotary Minute today!

50/50 Draw: Mike B. won the draw but not the prize!

Sgt at Arms: Ted L. did another great job collecting fines, even got some cash from a few guests because they are “wives” and he is upset with Carol (long story!!!)

Introduce Speaker: Lorne introduced Bruce Uditsky, CEO of AACL & Terry Ryan, employed through the Rotary Employment Partnership. Lorne advised that our participation has been weak in this program lately and is looking for a volunteer to sit on their regional Advisory Board to get the Mayfield club “back in the game”. Let Lorne know if you are interested.

Speaker Notes:  Wendy McDonald was originally planning to participate, but got called to Calgary on business and sends her regrets and also greetings to her “old club”. The Rotary Employment Partnership started here at the Mayfield Club 10 years ago by then President  Wendy, after being inspired at the International Convention that year. Unemployment rates for people with developmental disabilities is about 70% - which is ridiculous. The Partnership opens doors for dialogue between businesses and these very employable individuals. Consultation is available and personalized to match the needs of the business with the skills of the individuals. To date 280 people have been successfully placed in jobs through this program. The average tenure of workers is about five years and the average wage is $14/hr. Bruce then showed a video (available on the AACL website ) featuring ATBs support of the program.

Terry Ryan then spoke – he is employed through the Partnership and was also recently elected to the AACL Board of Directors. Terry attended U of A, but could not find a job, so he did lots of volunteer work, then went back to school, graduating from the Psychiatric Nursing program at MacEwan University.  However, he did not find a paying job until getting involved in the Rotary Employment Partnership. He just celebrated his one year Anniversary at St. Albert Physiotherapy – and is loving it!

Joke of the Week: Harvey told a joke about an elderly couple’s 10th child  - we had chuckles all around!

Other Notes: Congratulations to Tim D, who apparently played an instrumental role as a member of the winning team in the St Albert Mixed Curling League (even though his wife would not play on his team). Hmm, seems to be a common theme with Ted and Tim don’t you think?

Next Week April 30

Speaker: Duane Gibb of the Rotary Club of Morinville, speaking on building membership

Greet and Grace:  Chris

Introduce Speaker:  Grant

Thank Speaker:  Jim


Who wants to see the world?

Image Rotary Friendship Exchanges are when Rotarians travel to another District in the world.   You are hosted by Rotarians who show you their region. They then come to our District, you host and show them our region.  It is purely for fun and friendship. A fantastic way to travel the world and make friends with people you have something in common with: Rotary! Plans are under way for exchanges in the coming year and it should include you!  Click this page for complete details.