One of the most ambitious Rotary Interact initiatives occurring worldwide, the Zone 28 & 32 Interact Convention is an immersive 4-day conference that aims to bring together 250 American, Bermudan, Canadian, and French Interact students to change the conversation around Rotary Interact while building a cross-border community of passionate peers.  Secure your spot today!



We'll host interactive sessions that will put a spotlight on the innovative initiatives and projects that Zone 28 & 32 Interact Clubs are undertaking. By exchanging ideas, success stories, and constructive feedback students will be able to learn from these initiatives and grow as a community.


Together, we'll learn how to use Rotary's dynamic structures as a vessel for the enhancement of interactors' social and professional development whilst enhancing the Rotary Interact Program.


Equipped with the skills and resources needed to be effective change-makers within their clubs and communities, ZIC alumni will leave the conference as better leaders, and ultimately better people, then they were when they arrived.


ZIC 2022 will also act as a platform for Interactors from Zones 28 and 32 to network and create a pathway to multi-district collaboration.