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Membership Plan

The heart of Rotary is membership.  Our members are our ambassadors.
A membership plan needs to recognize the value of each and every member. Our members must have a positive attitude towards the priorities of our District and our Clubs.  Through their interactions with their friends and community, our members create opportunities for growth in membership and support for the valuable service projects in our local, national and international communities.
Many messages, strategies and documents to promote membership exist online and on paper. The most important role of any Rotarian is to value their fellow Rotarians. Through building fellowship and engaging members in conversation, projects and meaningful activities a strong connection is created.
The District Membership Committee is determined to strengthen and grow membership across our District.  Our planning is governed by the Rotary International, Zone 24 and District goals for membership and the District Membership Committee initiatives.
The Committee will provide a list of current resources available on My Rotary and Zone 24 websites.  In addition, committee members are developing a set of new materials designed for our District.  These materials include a PowerPoint presentation for all Clubs profiling the connection with membership at the Club, District , and Rotary International levels demonstrating the need for everyone’s participation to keep Rotary strong and healthy.
A set of twelve letters with a different Rotary topic each week is designed to assist with educating new members about Rotary.  Other ideas include assessment surveys to assist Clubs in  identifying areas of need and celebration.  A District brochure designed to provide information to prospective members is being considered.
Membership is everyone’s responsibility and together we will value our current members and attract new members to ensure Rotary continues to make a positive difference in our communities and beyond all borders.
Following are the governing goals of membership, a list of contacts and available resources.
Zone 24 Membership Goals:
A.  Strengthen Clubs
       Build dedicated District  and Club Membership teams
       Utilize and Understand Rotary Club Central and other Rotary Resources
       Club Assessment and Strategic Planning
       Improve Awareness of Rotary Clubs in Communities
         * 100% of Districts have a designated District Membership Chair.
         * Ensure 30% of Clubs set and track at least 15 goals in Rotary club Central.
 B.   Membership Attraction
        Club Growth
        Age/Gender/Ethnic Diversity
         * Each District will charter at least one new Rotary Club.
         * Improve the gender diversity of our members by at least 2%.
         * Improve the age diversity by increasing number of members under 40 by 2%.
C.    Member Engagement
         Member Satisfaction, Retention
         *Increase new member sponsors by at least 1%.
         *Improve member retention rate by at least 1%.
         *Increase the number of members registered in My Rotary ( 50% of members)
Membership Committee Contact:
Tyla Savard -  Membership Chair