A Club can apply for a District Vocational grant for an amount up to $4,000.  There will be a limit of three of these grants issued during the current Rotary year, beginning July 1st. These grants are intended specifically for vocational students who wish to pursue vocational studies. They are not designed to support students pursuing academic studies.
Only post high school grants for students at local schools -- community colleges, certification schools --will be accepted. There will be no grants for International schools or foreign students.  Clubs can also apply for regular grants in addition to the vocational grants.  Checks will not be issued to the students.  Final reports with proof of disbursement will be required. 
Within the District Grant program Clubs can apply for these Vocational grant by using the District Website just like applying for any other district grant.  In the space for project name indicate that you are applying for a "Vocational Grant". Working with other cooperating organizations is encouraged.