District Grant Guide
District Grants: The allocation of District Grant funds (District Designated Funds [DDF] apportioned to fund all District Grants), are at the discretion of the District Governor and the District Rotary Foundation Chair (DRFC). The District Grant Committee will review all District Grant applications.  These grants must be approved by the District Grant Committee Chair and the District Rotary Foundation Chair.
District Grants are intended to support short-term humanitarian projects that benefit a local community and offer the Rotary Club an opportunity to have hands on non-Rotarian and, when possible, family participation.
District Grants may also include Vocational Scholarships, which are scholarships that are not post graduate and may include accredited/certified trade schools and of shorter duration. Clubs may submit up to two applications but no more than one Vocational Scholarship per Rotary Club, may be awarded. (See District Vocational Scholarship application for more details)
Club Size Formula: Based on size (see below) all District Grants requires a cash contribution to the project. Please mail the contribution check the same date the online application is accepted. The District Grant Committee will only review those applications from Rotary Clubs that have mailed their checks and the District office has received the same. All online applications and Rotary Club’s project contribution check must be postmarked on or before August 1, 2017. Please note ALL District Grant applications require a cash contribution per club size.  The District Grants’ contribution is NOT the same club size formula as those for the District Awards. The cash contribution amount (per club size as of July 1, 2017) formula is as follows:
* Large (50 or more members) $750.00
* Medium (25-49 members) $500.00
* Small (24 members or less) $250.00