Did you know that World Polio Day will be celebrated on October 24th?   We have much to celebrate, as the number of cases that have been reported in 2017 is just nine (9) as of the end of August.  We need to keep our fellow Rotarians, friends and family members aware that we haven't reached the finish line yet!
The year 2017 is the 100th anniversary of the Rotary Foundation.   Wouldn't it be wonderful if every Rotarian in our District 5280 would donate at least $19 or $20 to finish the job of eliminating polio forever? Already this year, so many Rotarians and clubs throughout the District have contributed to Polio Plus.  Rob's Run was a wonderful kick-off event to publicize and raise funds for Polio Plus!
There are also many creative ideas which are fun, develop or enhance friendships and raise funds and celebrate World Polio Day! Your club could have a wine and appetizers for a charge per Rotarian/couple (with members donating the wine and appetizers) with admittance a check made out to Rotary International,  hold a club sponsored "garage sale," have a bike ride with sponsors, or have a "walkathon" at a local high school with sponsors.  We have so many creative Rotarians..... what can you share with your fellow clubs in our district as to how to celebrate World Polio Day and raise money for polio? 
Celebrate World Polio Day by planning an event in your community, with some of the ideas above, or consider an End Polio Now 5K walk or run, sponsoring a local carnival/festival or hosting a unique event designed by your club to raise awareness and funds for Polio Plus.
Another easy way to get involved is through social media. Imagine if every Club in the world tweeted and posted about World Polio Day. That’s thousands of social media accounts across the globe sharing the message about polio eradication.
If you haven't already done so, each Rotary club or club member can make a check out to Rotary Foundation, and send to the Rotary District Office. District PolioPlus Chair Shirley Giltzow will complete all paperwork for your members to help make the process easier.  If you need additional information, feel free to contact Shirley Giltzow at: shirley_giltzow@live.com or call 310-377-2979.  Let's race to the finish line to End Polio Now!