About the Pageant of the Arts:
Rotary's Pageant of the Arts provides high school students the opportunity to display their talents and compete with other students for recognition and monetary prizes. Students gain valuable experience as well as exposure to university deans and professors.
Rotary Clubs have an opportunity to connect with the community through public and private schools, churches, performing arts and art studios, YMCA, YWCA, theater groups, community centers and groups and retail centers; just a few suggestions for outreach and expanding your club's public relatiuons.
  • Areas for competition: Art, Dance, Music and Speech
  • Prizes for each category: 1st place $1,000 | 2nd Place $500 | 3rd Place $250
  • Date of competition: March 11, 2017
  • Location: Loyola Marymount University
  • Online registration and fees due date: February 11, 2017
Rotary Club Responsibilities:
Entry Fees:
  • Small clubs (24 members or less)- $80.00
  • Medium clubs (25-49 members)- $135.00
  • Large clubs (50+ members)- $190.00
  • Create a flyer (or use the flyer provided by the District) to promote the contest throughout your community
  • Clubs can select a single participant or hold a competition to select the best participant
  • Clubs can offer prizes, money or certificates to participants and/or winners
  • One applicant per category can be submitted 
  • Start early so that you will have contestants in time to submit registrations by the due date
  • The online registration and registration fee must be received by the District Office by February 11. 2017
  • Support your student and be sure they know the contest rules, have transportation, etc.
  • Encourage your club members to attend the Pageant of the Arts to support and cheer on all contestants.
Contact Information:
  • Pageant of the Arts Chair: Lance Miller- lance@lancemillerspeaks.com
  • Art Contest Chairs: Gerardo & Brenda Jaramillo- gjaramillo@crlu.org
  • Dance Contest Chair: Gwen Vuchsas- gvuchsas@secoteam.com
  • Music Contest Chair: Debbie Wehbe- debbie.wehbe@gmail.com
  • Speech Contest Chair: Agnes Lewis- ajlewis7@gmail.com
  • Sr. Assistant Governor Vocational Service: Olivia Paterson-Ryans- olivia5280@att.net