Rotary Foundation Centennial Celebration FAQ Sheet

Q.        Where can I get a ticket to the Foundation Centennial Celebration?
A.         Please contact your club leadership.  They had previously purchased tables/seats based on members’ interest. 
Q.        If my Club’s tickets have already been taken by other club members, can I still get a Foundation Centennial Celebration ticket?
A.         We are sold out.  We are maintaining a waiting list.  At this time, one will only get a ticket if another club cannot fill its pre-paid table(s).  Unfortunately, seating with one’s own club members may not be possible. 
Q.        What’s for dinner?
A.         Attendees will select from 4 choices:  Beef, fish, chicken or vegetarian option.  Clubs must submit their selection by October 3, 2016 using the Dinner Entree Selection Form.
Q.        Will there be a bar at the event?
A.         Is this a Rotary function?  Yes!  Please bring cash for convenience. 
Q.        What are the recommended hotels in the area?
A.         The DoubleTree by Hilton in San Pedro, the Crowne Plaza Los Angeles Harbor Hotel are some of the better ones in San Pedro.  Prices range from $180-$350.  Please consider carpooling, or using Uber or Lyft when coming from long distances - even better to use such services and carpool with your fellow Rotarians! 
Q.        What is the attire?
A.         Anything red, white, or blue, or a combination thereof. 
  • No high heels please, and flat-bottomed shoes are recommended.  You need to safely be able to traverse the gangway leading to the upper deck (there are no elevators).  There will be assistance for guests in wheelchairs or those needing help. 
  • We will be on the fantail of the USS Iowa so you might want to bring a sun hat and definitely something warm for the evening even though we will have some heaters.
Q.        What time should I arrive? 
A.         Allow a minimum of 15 minutes to park, sign-in, get your meal selection card, and get aboard the USS Iowa.  If you are coming later, allow extra time.  We have over 500 guests.
  • For Major Donors and members of the Paul Harris Society (you should get a separate invitation from the Foundation Committee), please be aboard by:
    • 3 p.m. if you want to tour the USS Iowa leisurely or peruse the auction items
    • 4 p.m.  for reception
  • If you want to tour the Iowa, please be aboard no later than 4 p.m.  Don’t be late!  Last tour departs promptly at 4 p.m.
  • All others, the party starts at 4 p.m. but please be aboard no later than 4:45 p.m.  We have a Tiger Squadron flyby and Los Angeles Fire Department fireboat water display scheduled shortly thereafter which is best enjoyed when not in your vehicle.  Volunteers also want to enjoy the flyby and fire boat water display from the fantail.  Registration table will be closed during the flyby and water display.  Thank you for your understanding.  Sign-in at the registration table will commence shortly after the conclusion of the flyby and water display.  Registration table closes at 6:15 p.m.
  • Dinner starts at 6:30 p.m.
Q.        Where do I park?
A.         There is ample parking in front of the USS Iowa.  You may enter through Swinford or 1st Street.   No valet service is available.
Q.        Does any portion of the cost of my dinner ticket go toward my Paul Harris Fellows (PHF) credit?
A.         No.  The dinner ticket revenues are used to cover the expenses for the dinner itself such rental of the location, tables, chairs, linens, silverware, centerpieces, the meal, lighting and heaters, entertainment, photographer, heaters, tents, dance floor, etc.
Q.        Do I get Paul Harris (PH) credits for items I donated to the auction?  Do I get PH credits for auction items I buy?
A.         Yes!  For auction items, the donor (individual club member or club) gets half the value of the amount paid for the auction item as PH credits, and the donee (purchaser of the auction item) gets half the value of the amount paid for the auction item.  Some exceptions apply – i.e. if the full sale price of the auction item is not remitted to the foundation, such as consignment items where a portion of the proceeds has to be given to the auction item provider, only the purchaser of the auction item would get the PH credits.  All PH credits count towards one’s major donor contribution. 
Q.        Where do I get my raffle tickets?
A.         The bulk of the raffle tickets were distributed at the August 9 District Breakfast.  All Rotarians should have been given ticket booklets.  If you haven’t received yours, please see your club leadership and if you want additional tickets, please contact Tom Johnstone at
Q.        To whom do we remit raffle ticket payments and stubs?
A.         Each club’s Foundation Chair or person in charge of the raffle tickets should remit all payment and stubs, and any unsold raffle tickets, to Tori Hettinger at the District 5280 Office no later than Friday, October 14, along with the Multiple Donor Form to ensure proper PHF credit.  To access the Multiple Donor Form that automatically generates members’ Rotary Member Numbers, please click here. 
Q.        Will raffle tickets be sold at the event?
A.         No.  Tickets will not be sold; nor will unsold tickets be accepted.  All raffle ticket payments, stubs, and unsold tickets must be turned in to Tori Hettinger at the District 5280 Office no later than Friday, October 14.
If you have any other questions, please email Rica Viola at with the subject line “FAQs.”