Penticton-Okanagan Rotary gives across the globe  

3 years and $38,000 later, Rajapur-Fultoli, a twin village situated in Bangladesh is better off financially as well as socially.   The final report submitted to Rotary International indicates that 13 tube wells have been sunk in prime locations to effectively provide clean water.  Additionally, water pipelines have been laid down to distribute clean water to communal holding tanks. 
Furthermore, two sets of sports equipment have been distributed among the youth, local committees formed to maintain the tube wells and sports equipment, 30 sewing machines purchased for women as income generating tools, 30 head of cattle purchased and animal husbandry taught resulting in an improved agribusiness sector, six spraying machines purchased to increase agricultural production, and a mushroom cultivation industry initiated.  Health issues in the community have also received attention through education and the provision of medical services.  
Penticton-Okanagan Rotary club members partnered with Sonargaon Dhaka for a joint project in one of the rural areas in Bangladesh.  The proposal’s three phases included an Initial Needs Assessment, an Action Plan, and the Project Implementation.  During the Needs Assessment process, extensive input was solicited and received from all sectors of the villages. The Needs Assessment report gave the project a good foundation and direction, as well as providing a meaningful document to assist with grant applications. 
The project has also increased positive social interaction between individuals and families within the Rajapur-Fultoli community, established working groups to address the sustainability of the project’s initiatives, got both genders and various age groups involved 
in community decision making and action, improved the economic outlook for the community and its families, and even helped the village youth win a local soccer tournament while wearing jerseys sporting a Rotary logo and the names of the sponsoring Penticton-Okanagan and Dhaka clubs.
A lot has happened in the three years and although most of it has been for the benefit of the villagers of Rajapur-Fultoli, the pride and satisfaction in a job well done is obvious in the voices and smiles of the Rotarians of the Dkaha Sonargaon and Penticton-Okanagan clubs.  And this good feeling should now extend to all the Rotarians of District 3280 and 5060.