It Starts with Clean Water

What is Wasrag?

The Water & Sanitation Rotarian Action Group was formed in 2007 as an umbrella group of Rotarians, recognized by Rotary International, focused on water & sanitation work.  Since then it has facilitated many hundreds of projects – helping clubs find partners, ensuring sustainability, stressing the importance of a needs-driven approach, and developing best practices.

Rotarians are uniquely qualified to deliver sustainable solutions. They understand the culture and values of the local communities to which they belong. They are attuned to political considerations and can pinpoint problems before they become hurdles.

The world is discovering that effective programs take 3 to 5 years to be sustainable – local community engagement and appropriate technologies are keys to success. Solutions need to consider complex realities: geography, geology, climate, local culture for example. Ensuring a project is based on best practices isn’t easy, requiring skills often not readily available to Rotary Clubs.  Wasrag was created to provide the know-how, consistency and credibility essential to success over the long term.   This has come together in a program called “Start with Water”.

See the submenus for various projects, including our District-Wide initiative with HANWASH, for which we have a memorandum of understanding (MOU) describing our role and participation.  The HANWASH group includes at least one person who is also a board member of WASRAG, so there is transparent communication between those two groups.