A strong and effective Rotary Club is vital to retaining and attracting new members. Vision Facilitation is about strategic planning for Rotary Clubs. Something few clubs do effectively. The Club Leadership Plan (CLP) published by Rotary International lists long range goals as the first step in implementing the CLP. Long range goals provide clubs with consistency, and continuity in programs and service. A strategic plan sets the stage for future growth and progress. Vision Facilitation helps clubs determine their vision and sets out the steps needed to accomplish that vision. The visioning session is conducted by a train facilitation team composed of Rotarians from neighboring clubs. The resulting vision is determined by each individual club not mandated by the district or Rotary International. The vision created by the members and endorsed by the members enhances the probability that a club will achieve their stated goals.
Vision Facilitation is not another membership program although history tells us that clubs that endorse this process achieve membership growth. The process addresses all aspect of Rotary in the life of a club. This training prepares you to become a member of the District Vision Facilitation Team.  We are looking for Rotarians with particular skills and qualities. Not everyone will have the same skills. The objective is to match and develop those skills to produce a balanced District team of experienced Rotarians who have served as a Rotary Club Leaders or members that are experienced or skilled in facilitating groups or have presentation skills who are willing to travel where needed, to support Club Visioning within the District.
(Note: District Trainers will be able to specify available dates when they are available but there is no District remuneration for expenses)
Clubs or members interested in this process can contact Pete Erickson perickson@nctv.com 
Various documents can be downloaded from the "Files" sub-directory of this website (listed to the left).  These are:
Club Needs:
            This document outlines what the club is responsible to provide.
Club Profile:
A fillable form that the club completes and returns to the district chair and Facilitation team leader. This form provides background information for the team.
D5060 Visioning Explanation:
            This document provides a brief explanation of the visioning process.
Event Coordinator Handbook:
This handbook outlines in detail the responsibilities for the designated club member that is assigned to coordinate the visioning event.
Focus Area Chart:
            A spread sheet format so clubs can list all Focus Area Initiative statements for a record.
Email List:
            An excel format for clubs to list members emails. (This may or may not be needed)
Process Diagram:
            This is a PPT slide that diagrams the process from Visioning to Planning.