This page reflects recent district activities to collect ideas for continued fundraising and service during the era of COVID-19 restrictions.
A virtual chat session was conducted August 18, 2020 to develop ideas, as a followup to similar discussions voiced in the Club Spring Team-Building Experience (CSTE).
ZOOM Chat August 18, 2020 VIDEO.
Chat session results:
17:07:30 From Marjolein Lloyd : The district Team Building Experience results can be found on the District website….look under the “Training” tab once you log in
17:08:49 From Marjolein Lloyd : Virtual fundraising websites; PDG Peter has a Word document with some great sites
17:09:55 From Marjolein Lloyd : Peter will share these documents here in the chat; please let us know if you need help accessing them
17:10:35 From Marjolein Lloyd : Creative virtual fundraising ideas; another document that Peter will share here in the chat
17:12:36 From Marjolein Lloyd :
17:13:05 From Marjolein Lloyd : Fire off an email to me if you need the documents sent to you
17:45:19 From Lisa W. : Is there an events list on the district website so we can see who’s doing what fundraisers, to ensure no duplication in our areas?
17:45:44 From Marjolein Lloyd : Auction for e-bikes
17:46:03 From Robert Bruce : raffle
17:46:06 From Marjolein Lloyd : E-bike raffle
17:46:11 From Marjolein Lloyd : Tesla raffle
17:46:49 From Barbara Sheppard : from Rotary of Penticton: virtual dinner online auction and 50/50
17:46:59 From Marjolein Lloyd : 50/50 draw $5 each, 5 for $20, 100 for $100!!!
17:47:23 From Marjolein Lloyd : Lobster on the Run, order online with 50/50 draw and online auction
17:47:30 From Marjolein Lloyd : Online experienced Auction
17:47:38 From Marjolein Lloyd : Virtual Golf Tournament
17:49:46 From Marjolein Lloyd : Online Ribfest; drive-thru, partnered with Bognar’s. Online 50/50 (currently at $3000), in Penticton!
17:50:34 From Marjolein Lloyd : Higher value items, limited items
17:50:58 From Marjolein Lloyd : Direct ask to members by stating the savings you’ve enjoyed by not having to pay for weekly meals
17:51:59 From Marjolein Lloyd : Fun-A-Thon; pick your own activity and collect pledges….swimming, volunteering, biking, rowing, etc
17:52:22 From Marjolein Lloyd : As this is not a raffle, you can collect funds from both sides of the border!
17:53:30 From Marjolein Lloyd : Businesses can sponsor for shirts etc.
17:56:13 From Marjolein Lloyd : Community Service: drive-thru backpack service; filling bags for students and those in need
17:56:59 From Marjolein Lloyd : Building raised garden boxes for the seniors to grow food for the food bank
17:57:36 From Marjolein Lloyd : Rotary Day of Action: rake and prune to get rid of fire risk
17:58:48 From Marjolein Lloyd : Do you have a poster or some content that you would like to have posted on the District Facebook page? Send me content and I will post!
17:59:51 From Marjolein Lloyd : Help the local orchardists to pick some of their fruit; applicable on both sides of the border
18:02:11 From Marjolein Lloyd : Gleaning….take to the food banks; The Fruit Tree Project, Upper Valley Mend
18:02:25 From Marjolein Lloyd : Upper Valley M.E.N.D
18:03:07 From Dave Cochrane : Thank you everyone for you time and sharing
18:03:24 From Alice Wenatchee Rotary  To  Peter Schultz(privately) : will you post it on the district web page
18:03:45 From Marjolein Lloyd : if you need the documents sent to you or posters on Facebook