The RLI is a great opportunity to bring

Rotarians together..... To Laugh, Learn

and connect.  (Kim Cooper, R/C Kamloops Aurora)

RLI Makes a Difference for Many Rotarians

(Kamloops, Oct 2013)

More and more Rotarians are recognizing the value of participating in the District 5060 Rotary Leadership Institute program.  Another eleven Rotarians from the Canadian side of the district graduated from the program which was offered in Kamloops on September 14th and 28th and October 05, 2013.  An additional nine Rotarians were able to participate in one or two of the sessions, with the goal of completing the program at a later date.

Chris Rose and Mathew Dundas from the RC/Kamloops, Colin Heggie  and Janet Green from the RC/Vernon Silver Star, Dorys Crespin-Mueller, Karin Sykes, and Nandi Spolia from the RC/Kamloops Aurora, Doug Everett from the RC/Chase, Linda Frandsen from the RC/Kelowna Sunrise, Norman Brown from the RC/Salmon Arm, and Sandra Labermeyer from the RC/Merritt Sunrise graduated from the program held at the Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops.

The participants in the program experienced a highly interactive leadership development program that focused on a wide spectrum of topics of Rotary International and The Rotary Foundation.  Through the program, participants were able to continue to strengthen their personal leadership skills, to gain valuable Rotary knowledge at all levels of the organization, and to gain valuable knowledge and skills that will motivate and give them increased ability to provide leadership at the committee and club level.  The program is “valuable to all Rotarians giving them great ideas and resources to their clubs,” shared Karin Sykes from the Rotary Club of Kamloops Aurora.  Nandi Spolia, also a member of the Rotary Club of Kamloops Aurora, stated that “This RLI training has taught me a great deal about Rotary and has helped me become a better Rotarian.”  Chris Rose from the Rotary Club of Kamloops agreed with Nandi, stating that “As a new Rotarian, I have found this leadership course particularly valuable.” A long term Rotarian, Norman Brown from the Rotary Club of Salmon Arm, pointed out that “After fifteen years in Rotary, I learned more about Rotary in three days than I did in the previous fifteen years.”   

Of course, the RLI program is also all about ongoing learning which is essential for all Rotarians. Past District Governor Doug Brown agreed noting that as a participant, “it was a valuable for me to have District leadership present taking this course to highlight that learning is ongoing.”

The program is facilitated by trained Rotarians who have previously graduated from the RLI program.  The Kamloops program was facilitated by Isabel Reinertson (RC/Salmon Arm), Sherry Gilroy (RC/Shuswap Salmon Arm), Peter Schwirtz (RC/Kamloops), Arjun Singh (RC/Kamloops), Ron Hooper (RC/Salmon Arm Daybreak), Marie Kolenosky (RC/Salmon Arm Daybreak), Monty Hughes (RC/Vernon Silver Star), Kent Wong (RC/Kamloops Daybreak)  and Ed Kolybaba (RC/Kelowna Sunrise), who also served as the coordinator for the program.



New RLI Facilitators Trained

Facilitator Training, Salmon Arm, Aug 2013

Ten facilitators for the D5060 Rotary Leadership Institute met together in Salmon Arm on August 24th for a Facilitator’s Workshop sponsored by the RLI Leadership Team.  While Ron Hooper and Marie Kolenosky (RC/Salmon Arm Daybreak), Kent Wong and Sean McKenna (RC/Kamloops Daybreak),  Isabel Reinertson (RC/Salmon Arm), Jacqueline Whitecross  (RC/Merritt), Derek Hall (RC/Vernon), and Catherine Comben (RC/Kelowna) participated in the workshop as experienced facilitators, Monty Hughes (RC/Vernon Silver Star) and Peter Schultz (RC/Kelowna), both agreeing to serve as new RLI facilitators, gained many valuable skills to enable them to function as facilitators at future RLI programs offered in District 5060. 

Instructors for the Facilitator Workshop included Marjolein Lloyd (RC/Westbank), Al Strachan (RC/Kelowna), Isabel Reinertson (RC/Salmon Arm), Catherine Comben (RC/Kelowna) and Ed Kolybaba (RC/Kelowna Sunrise).   The workshop focused on adult learning, presentation skills, group activity organization, team facilitating, the context of the RLI program, and dealing with unacceptable and disruptive participant behaviour.  The event was organized by RLI District 5060 Area 1 and 2 Coordinator, Ed Kolybaba. 

Check out the Gallery of Photos under Leadership Institute for photos of the event.


Facilitator Training, Kelowna, May 2013

Four Rotarians from District 5060 attained their Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) Facilitator’s Certificate this past Saturday by participating in a full day Facilitator’s Training Workshop offered in Kelowna.  Another six district Rotarians, who were already qualified as Facilitators, acquired a RLI Facilitator’s Renewal Certificate by joining in the training activities held on the weekend.  District Governor Doug Everett and Jacquie Everett were in attendance to present the certificates.

By participating in the Facilitator’s workshop and graduating from the program, Carole Paradis (Rotary Club of Kelowna Morningside), Hans Petersen (Rotary Club of Armstrong), Peter Schwirtz (Rotary Club of Kamloops) and Ian Esson (Rotary Club of Penticton Okanagan) are now qualified to serve as facilitators throughout District 5060. 


Sue Harvey (Rotary Club of Penticton Okanagan), Barb Penner (Rotary Club of Kelowna Sunrise), Michael Loewen (Rotary Club of Kelowna), Arjun Singh (Rotary Club of Kamloops), Dennis Jacobsen (Rotary Club of Penticton Okanagan), and Jim Piderman (Rotary Club of Kamloops West ) also received certificates for participating in the program for the purpose of attaining further growth and renewal as a RLI facilitator. 

All ten Rotarians join 17 other Rotarians who are also RLI facilitators on the District 5060 North Leadership Team to provide educational leadership service for the Rotarians and Rotary Clubs in District 5060.

Facilitators for the May 25th RLI Facilitator’s Training Workshop were Tony French (RLI Coordinator, Areas 3-5, RC/Kelowna), Ed Kolybaba (RLI Coordinator, Area 1-2, RC/Kelowna Sunrise), Marjolein Lloyd (RLI Marketing Manager, RC/Westbank), Bruce Falkins (RC/Kelowna Sunrise) and Al Strachan (RC/Kelowna), all of whom are trained RLI facilitators within the district.  Carole Paradis (RLI Program and Venue Manager for Area 4) acquired and provided the venue for the workshop.

The next RLI regular programs being offered in the district are scheduled for September 14 and 18, and October 05, 2013 in Kamloops, and October 19, and November 02 and 16, 2013 in Penticton.  More information about these sessions is available elsewhere on the district website.

For a glimpse of the participants and their involvement in the May 25th workshop, click on the Gallery of Photos under the Leadership Institute page of this website. 

RLI Success in Kelowna, Fall 2012

Nineteen Rotarians from District 5060 graduated from the Rotary Leadership Institute in Kelowna this fall, a culmination to a very successful fall program offered in Kamloops and Kelowna.  The RLI program in Kelowna was conducted on October 20, November 03, and November 17. 

Graduates from the RLI program offered in Kelowna included Ian Esson, and Jean Jacobsen (RC/Penticton Okanagan), Tracy Franz (RC/Kamloops Daybreak), Ross Gilley and Peter Schultz (RC/Kelowna), Graham Harper, Laura Stovel, and Ian Smith (RC/Revelstoke), Jim Hawkins (RC/Kelowna Ogopogo), Wendy Hesketh and Sandra Ross (RC/Vernon Silver Star), Sandra Mimic (RC/Kelowna Okanagan Mission), Marilyn Moor and Hans Petersen (RC/Armstrong), Devin O’Toole, Karl Stegemann, and Sue Porter (RC/Kamloops), Kevin Springford (RC/West Kelowna Daybreak), and Millicent Winston (RC/Westbank). While the majority of the participants completed all three days in Kelowna, Jean Jacobsen, Tracy Franz, Devin O’Toole, Karl Stegemann and Sue Porter completed all three days of the program by participating in sessions in both Kamloops and Kelowna. District Governor Doug Everett was present to congratulate and present the Certificates of Graduation to the Rotarians.


The RLI program in Kelowna was coordinated by Tony French (RC/Kelowna), who also served as a facilitator. He was assisted by Barry Reid (RC/Penticton Okanagan), the RLI Registrar, and by Carol Paradis (RC/Kelowna Morningside), the Area 3-5 Program Team Leader and Kelowna Venue Facilitating Manager. Facilitators during the three days of the program included Marjolein Lloyd (RC/Westbank), Dennis Jacobsen (RC/Penticton Okanagan), Al Strachan (RC/Kelowna), Garry Hollingshead (RC/Summerland), Bruce Falkins (RC/Kelowna Sunrise), Tony French (RC/Kelowna), Kathy Butler (RC/Kelowna), Catherine Comben (RC/Kelowna), Carole Paradis (RC/Kelowna Morningside, Sue Harvey (RC/Penticton Okanagan), and Vern Nielson (RC/Kelowna). Marjolein Lloyd, the Marketing Manager for the RLI program, also served as the photographer for the three days of programming in Kelowna.

Including the graduates of the 2012 fall program, the RLI Leadership Team from District 5060 North has provided the opportunity for 112 Rotarians to graduate from the Rotary Leadership Institute since 2008.

Check out the District website under the Site Page “Committees” and then scroll down to Rotary Leadership Institute to open items and photos related to the Fall 2012 RLI program and other exciting events that have taken place since 2008, and to learn more about the RLI program, its organization and its facilitators.