World Peace

What is the best way to get rid of an enemy?  The answer is simple, yet complicated.  Make them your friend.

While the world seems to be a very violent and nasty place with lots of guns, bombs and wars, it’s actually getting better.  With communications, radio, TV and the internet, we’re getting the news faster than ever before and in some instances, this can make it seem like the world is getting worse.

But it’s not.   There is hope and every day, it’s getting just a little bit better.

Rotarians looking at the problem saw that often problems could be solved by discussion and negotiation.  But realized that it was simpler said than done.  It takes special skills and knowledge to be able to get warring people to sit down at the table and discuss their problems.   

Rotarians then went looking for the best places to teach students on Peace and Conflict Resolution and then formed partnerships with seven universities around the world.   The program started in 2002 and now 110 students are awarded two year scholarship each and every year.

On graduating, these World Peace Fellows have headed out in the world and are now working with different governments, charities, the United Nations and other organizations, doing what they can to help make the world a safer place.   

From Penticton, Susan Stigant was in the second class to graduate and is now in the Sudan trying to help develop a new constitution for the country.  Wow.

In 2009, Archbishop Desmond Tutu attended the Rotary World Peace convention in Birmingham and addressed the audience with his passion for peace and thanking Rotary for it’s efforts.

It’s just a matter of time before this program produces a Nobel Peace Prize winner.  It’s that good.