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Edited 31-Jan-2019  PJS
This page and attachments (left hand side) is for a description of continuing and new programs in District 5060 that can be useful for your club growth and goals.
New for 2019-2020
Chapter 1 Clubs:  These new clubs are based on the flexibility granted by the recent policy changes made by the Council on Legislation for Rotary.  The Manual of Procedure (MOP) is a book of all the rules and regulations that govern Rotary, the bylaws, the constitution, etc.  Chapter 1 of the MOP is called "Guiding Principles" and it is only 5 pages.  It is the statement on service, the Core Values, the 4-way test, The Object of Rotary, The Avenues of Service, etc.  New members are told to review Chapter 1.  If that works, they are in the right place... and they can ignore the rest of the book!  Chapter 1 Clubs range from having no Rotary traditions or requirements (no invocation, no anthem, no meal, no program-speaker, no sheriff, etc!) through to looking similar to traditional Rotary, it depends on what the members want.  Downloadable logo attached (left side-bar links).
Global Connects:  This is a simple concept to increase participation in Global Grants.  Groups of 5-10 clubs are encouraged to form a "Global Connects" team, each contributes ~$1500 to a communal pot and each brings an idea to the table for a Global Grant project.  Representatives from each club meet, discuss the options, vote and select the best project to work together.  Downloadable logo is attached.
Community Connects:  This is our name for encouraging inter-club volunteer sharing.  Each club is encouraged to find out what fund raisers and local service projects that other clubs in their area are involved with.  In addition to their own projects, the club is encouraged to pick one or more of these activities to join in on.  Send a team of volunteers, wear your club shirts or hats, and have fun getting to know some of your nearby Rotary family just a little better!  Downloadable logo is attached.