"For more than a century, Rotary has brought together leaders from around the world to share their expertise and help create lasting change in their communities.  But the general public didn't know it!  All those individual successes weren't adding up to a single global Rotary story, and by 2011 without a strong story to counterbalance a changing technological landscape, and an influx of other worthy causes, recruiting and retaining members was becoming harder, not easier."
These words are the opening of a short video on the website of the marketing firm "Siegel and Gale" who worked with Rotary for two years to help develop the message and the "Brand" that will carry our organization forward (see seigelgale.com).
In this series of pages you will find resources to help your club recruit and retain your members.  In the menu to the left you can find:
* A Guide to Membership Documents... A more detailed description of site content.
* Introduction to 12 Letters... A technique to help engage and retain your new members!
Questions or Comments??  Please contact the District Membership Chair at:  MembershipChair@rotary5060.org
As a starting point, check out the interesting survey results below from Siegel & Gale about Why people Join Rotary, and then Why people Stay in Rotary!