At the 2018 Fall Assembly in Chelan we spent one session engaged in a mini "Open Space" workshop.  For more information about how this sort of session runs, see the Open Space description under the Training tab of this website.  At our Assembly we discussed two questions:
(1) What are some good local community projects?
(2) What are some good fundraising ideas?
There were LOTS of great ideas in both categories, and many overlapping ideas that I have tried to group together.  The results for those that ended up with the most votes as determined by you are below... number of votes, followed by the idea.  NOTE:  If you know more details about any of the top items that you think should be part of the description, feel free to email myself or website editor Frank Clifton ( and we should be able to add it to the information below!
Community Projects:
94 – Dungeon Boxing Club: Some activity to get kids off the street.
60 – Rotary tool trailer (like Chelan’s): for projects around town, great P.I.
43 – Coordinated Food-Drive: District wide, or multi club / multi-city, at same time.
29 - Partner with non-profit to improve facilities, get supplies or raise money directly.
29 – New member Project:  Seasoned mentor work with new members, THEY pick a project.  Engages new members (e.g. Gleaners in Oliver & north Okanagan)
27 – Brain Bike: Put exercise cycles in classroom (~$500 for small sized) for kids that need to burn off energy during class.
25 – Walking Trail Education Project: (Chelan Planet Walk), with QR codes to get info on planet distances, etcc.
25 – “You have the project, we have the people” (non monetary)
19 – Planting Stuff Beautification: restore landscaping, painting, remodel shelters, etc
105 – International Dinner (eg Indian or other themes) with cultural entertainment & auction, partner with related group or organization.  Another twist was representing exchange students country, funds for RYE program.  Maybe as a “Guess who’s coming to dinner”
91 – Various Alcohol events: beer garden, spirit tasting, or wine pairing.  Wine cooler (fridge), sell keys.
43 – Various Bike Rides: Century Ride, or new idea “Grand Coulee Dam to Moses Lake”, pledged rides.
37 – Amazon Smile: You can choose a charity to direct a portion of profits.
36 – Fundraising Partnerships: Partner with the recipient organization, their participation drives the result.
36 – Fox Hunt (scavenger hunt), great for fellowship, P.I., and raising funds.
32 – Murder Mystery dinner, buy the stories, $60 tickets, 12 to organize and 1 month work (good return).
31 – Used Art Auction:  Clean out the pieces you no longer want, silent auction format, casual social event.
55 - Food events: Steak nights, bake sale, etc.  Twist on this, the “Un-Gala” – fancy meal delivered to your home.  A
26 – International Project Fundraising: African Safari, ethnic community, etc.
25 – Experience Auction:  All items are experience based.
17 – Twilight Golf Tourney: Light up balls, decorate cars with glow sticks, 9 hole best ball.
17 – Christmas in a Bottle: Christmas lights inside attractive bottles ($3 cost, $20 sale price), sell at hospital or seniors center, funds seniors Christmas dinner.