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Our Spring Training (referred to by Rotary International as a District Training Assembly) was intended to be a multi-breakout morning in 4 different locations which would allow participation without overnight travel, hotels, or other major expenses.   In that original plan each location would end the session with a BBQ or other kind of social, but because of the pandemic our first event in May of 2020 was moved onto a multi-Zoom platform.  For details of this event see: CSTE-2020 Subpage.  This was followed by a second event in 2021 described at: CSTE-2021 Subpage.  For registration and information about this year's event please go to:
Model for VIRTUAL Training:
  • Multiple session topics available either in separate Zoom links or named breakouts in large-Zoom format.
  • 1-morning training event
  • Occurs AFTER PETS and formation of next year's board
  • Attracts SIGNIFICANT participation from ALL club leadership, target 10+ per club
  • Specific breakout training for categories including but not limited to:
    • Club leadership (Presidents, PEs, VPs)
    • Club Executives: Secretary
    • Key strategic priorities Public Image, Foundation, Membership
    • Timely topics: Hybrid Meetings, Membership Diversity, etc
    • New Rotarians
  • Action oriented:  Day results in specific and achievable action items
  • Potential Social:  Clubs are encouraged to make a social event following the morning of sessions.
Details of Each Breakout Session:
  • Each ~55 minute breakout session is intended to achieve the following goals:
    • Discuss key issues important for the session topic as related to running more effective Rotary clubs.
    • "Talking Points" are provided to start conversations, but they are a guide only (up to you what is important to discuss!)
    • Develop "classmate" relations with others with similar interests or responsibilities from clubs in the same general area of the District.
    • Potentially develop a list of key "best practices" for the session topic.
    • To refine and grow the key "talking point" list for future discussions.
  • There is a Zoom-Meeting Host (Facilitator) assigned to be the "Table Leader".  The table leader role will be to:
    • Make sure the conversation stays reasonably on topic.
    • Make sure that all opinions are respected.
    • Make sure that all at the table participate as appropriate.
  • Each breakout should appoint a "Scribe" (preferably in advance), not to keep a detailed account of the session but to record two things:
    • (a) A list of "best practices" and actionable recommendations that can be shared with all clubs.  One option is for these be put in the Chat box, and "Save Chat" be selected.
    • (b) Any changes (additions or deletions) to the "Table Talk" points for future meetings.
    • The meeting Facilitator & Secretary should work together after the meeting to finalize the above
  • Create contact information spreadsheet (Name, Club, E-mail, preferred phone) with all participants who are willing for future idea-sharing and mutual support.
  • Consider forming a WhatsApp group (really useful for quick sharing of questions, comments, successes, etc)
The Motivation for our Current CSTE Model
Fall assembly in District 5060 has been done late October for many years, "conference" style with some breakouts.  This event reaches 80-120 people (3.7% membership), depending on the year, and many are the same every year (often already district leaders or PDGs).
RI Code of Policies (16.020)
16.020. District Training Assembly. 
A district training assembly, which may be a multidistrict training assembly, shall be held annually, preferably in March, April or May, to develop Rotary club leaders who have the necessary skills, knowledge, and motivation to: sustain and/or grow their membership base; implement successful projects that address the needs of their communities and communities in other countries; and support The Rotary Foundation through both program participation and financial contributions. The governor-elect shall be responsible for the district training assembly.  The district training assembly shall be planned and conducted under the direction and supervision of the governors-elect.  In special circumstances, the board may authorize the holding of a district training assembly at a date other than provided herein.  Those specifically invited shall include the incoming presidents and the members of clubs assigned by the incoming president to serve in key leadership roles in the upcoming year.