Final Report, May 2020
This project was an example of what happens when Rotary clubs work together to deliver goodwill to their local communities.
Six Rotary clubs in South Africa were eager to help in the distribution of the 195 hippo rollers funded by District 5060 clubs and a $10,000 District Grant:
• Rotary Flamingo Welkom
• Rotary Klerksdorp
• Rotary Aliwal North
• Rotary Bloemfontein
• eRotary Club of South Africa One
• Rotary Maloti-Maseru, Lesotho
Along with the members and resources of these clubs, three Rotarians from the Rotary E-Club of South Africa One managed the logistics and coordination of the hippo roller deliveries. Priceless!
• Khaya Mposula
• Charmaine Wheatley
• Monique Labatt, Club President
Additionally, Lasher Tools of South Africa donated 100 shovels, rakes and hoes to go with 100 of the hippo rollers.
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These photos are from Charmaine Wheatley ,  Walter Borell and 4 others in Kutloanong, Free State, South Africa.   View more photos, videos and stories on District 5040 FaceBook page HERE.   See also story/video above about International Women's Day (March 8).
Update, March 9, 2020.
"This month Rotary Clubs in South Africa are actively engaged in distributing Hippo Water Rollers funded by Rotary Clubs in Canada and the US. The delivery of 160 hippo rollers was completed partnership with Rotarians from Australia, six Rotary clubs in the Cape Province and 23 Clubs from across Districts 5060 and 5040. This represents the outcome of a year-long project to raise funds across District 5060, have funds matched by a District Grant and distribute Hippo Water Rollers to needy villagers in S. Africa with the support of Rotary Clubs in S. Africa and Australia. A great example of what clubs and districts can achieve when working together."  Story text provided by Carol Eamer.
Prior update, late December 2019.
The first shipment of 50 hippo rollers arrive at Taweni and Ngcwanguba (videos to follow).
The Obonto Foundation operates a network of 8 Early Childhood Development schools in the Transkei region of South Africa. Each school received 4 hippo rollers that are used to grow produce and teach sustainable farming.
Several Rotary Clubs in South Africa were eager to incorporate the hippo rollers provided by District 5060 to their local projects:
• Rotary Flamingo Welkom
• Rotary Klerksdorp
• Rotary Aliwal North
• Rotary Bloemfontein
• eRotary Club of South Africa One (Durban)
• Rotary Maloti-Maseru, Lesotho
Thirty two Hippo's were delivered to 12 pre-schools around Coffee Bay, Ngcwanguba and Bulungula. November 2019.
PDG Peter Erickson is our Rotary Foundation Chair and would like District 5060 to continue buying these Hippo Rollers for $150. Women can now push a lot more water than carrying.  Pete is encouraging all clubs to donate $150 USD to purchase these amazing devices.   They can be purchased from the District 5060 Roll-a-Hippo Initiative.    The Hippo Roller 5060 Project started Sept 1 2018.