PDG Peter Erickson is our Rotary Foundation Chair and would like District 5060 to consider buying these Hippo Rollers for $150. Women can now push a lot more water than carrying.  Pete is encouraging all clubs to donate $150 USD to purchase these amazing devices even though World Water Day (March 22, 2018) has passed.   They can be purchased from the District 5060 Roll-a-Hippo Initiative.  
The Hippo Roller 5060 Project started Sept 1 2018 and will end July 1 2019. So far we have collected 4000 USD from 4 Clubs in the District. Our goal is to have 100% participation by July 2019.  We have applied for the District grant and hope we can reach our 10,000 USD goal by July.  See updated info sheet here.
 Coast TV saw an opportunity to get involved with the Hippo Roller Project and is producing a 30-minute television documentary titled: Gender Equality and Rolling Hippos: The Hippo Roller Story. The documentary was broadcast nationwide across the Eastlink system on March 25th at 9 pm.