Richard DeRock and Robin
Richard was born in Germany while his father served in the US Army. His family settled in Nebraska prior to relocating to Davis, California in 1969. While in High School, Richard obtained a certification as an Automotive Service Excellence Master Technician. Richard attended the University of California at Davis (UCD), graduating with degrees in Geology and History.  While attending UCD, Richard took a part-time position with the University Transit System and progressed from a driver to the system Manager prior to graduating.
After graduation, Richard went to work as a General Manager for a private transit contracting company, running transit systems in Union City, Eastern Contra Costa County, East San Diego County and Orange County California.  While he was managing the Orange County Transit service, he met his wife, Robin when she came to his office to complain about one of his drivers.  After his Orange County experience, Richard went to work for the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority as a regional planner with responsibilities for specialized transportation (elderly and disabled transit) and air quality programs (alternative fuels projects).  During his time at the LAMTA, Richard married Robin and they had both of their two children, Alicia and Alex.
In 1990 .....
....  Richard obtained the agreement of 66 local city governments and the County of Los Angeles to create a Countywide specialized transit agency. In January of 1991, Richard was hired as the first Executive Director of Access Services and led the agency for 11 years during which time it expanded to include some 2,300 employees and provided over 4 million passenger trips per year.  In 2000, Access Services was named the best transit operation in North America.
In 2002, Richard and his family relocated to Wenatchee where he took the role of the General Manager/CEO of Link Transit, the public transit system for Chelan and Douglas Counties.  At the same time, Robin resumed her nursing career at the Wenatchee Valley Hospital.  With his relocation to Wenatchee, Richard joined the Wenatchee Rotary Club and began his Rotary career.  In 2003, Richard became the Youth Exchange Officer for the Wenatchee Club and served on the Board of the Wenatchee club for 6 years. In 2004, Robin served as the bus trip chaperon and joined the District Youth Exchange Committee in 2005.  Richard joined the District Youth Exchange Committee at the same time and served on the committee for 11 years including 4 years as the Committee Chair.  Robin joined the Wenatchee Rotary club in 2007. Richard and Robin have been active host parents, hosting 17 exchange students over the past 15 years.  Both of their children were Youth Exchange Students.  Alicia went to Switzerland in 2005-2006 and Alex went to Turkey in 2009-2010. In 2016, Richard retired from his role on the Youth Exchange Committee to pursue other Rotary opportunities
Richard and Robin are multiple Paul Harris Fellows, Bequest Society members and Richard is a Paul Harris Society Member. In 2017, Robin transferred to the Wenatchee Sunrise club due to changes in her job.  Soon after, Richard transferred to the Wenatchee North Rotary club to serve as its 2017-18 President.  While serving as the Wenatchee North President, Richard determined that the club needed to re-organize and he led an effort to re-charter the club as the Wenatchee Confluence Rotary club and served as it’s Charter President in 2018-19 .
Richard continues in his role as the Link Transit CEO and has been very active in State and National transit associations and interfacing with both State and National legislators.  Both Richard and Robin look forward to their experience as Governor and Sidekick to expand their Rotary friendships and Rotary service.