Membership Matters Documents
General Description
(edited 2016-09-26)
In these pages (links on the left of the page) you will find:
(1) Membership Matters Training Course - This course, adapted from a program originally developed by Zone 25, has been very successful over the time that we have been using it in District 5060.  The full training course is ~3 hours and all facilitator materials are included in the section.
(2) 12 Letters for Membership - These letters are covered in the training course, and some or all are sent periodically to new members to help with training & retention.
(3) Membership Documents - (updated periodically)
  • Membership Results - Downloadable Excel spreadsheet with the monthly membership numbers for all clubs in the district.
  • Membership 8-yr History - Downloadable Excel spreadsheet with a comparison of 1 July 2016 to 1 July 2008 for all clubs.
  • RCC Goals Set -  Downloadable Excel spreadsheet with listing of which goals have been set on Rotary Club Central for all clubs.
  • Governor's Suggested Goals - Downloadable Excel spreadsheet with 1-year and 8-year comparisons for all clubs, together with recommended growth targets from the Governor's Council of District 5060.
  • "Practical Matters" tips - A series of simple, practical suggestions for attracting and/or retaining new members.  These work!!