What is an “Open Space” Conference or Workshop??
Open Space conferences started with a paper published by Harrison Own in 1982 titled “Organizational Transformation”.  Over the next 3 years he refined his ideas, conducting the first annual “Open Space Symposium” in 1983.   Open Space Technology (OST) has numerous applications, but always they are focused on a specific and important purpose or task, and always they begin without any formal agenda.  General information can be found at the links below, but the main features are:
Key Benefits:
  • They are self-organized.  This means minimal preparation for the facilitators and enhanced buy-in from the participants.
  • They are scalable.  Open space events have been successfully conducted with as few as 5 up to more than 2000 participants!
  • Whoever comes are the right people.
  • Whatever happens is the only thing that could have.
  • Whenever it starts is the right time.
  • Whenever it is over it is over.
The Law of 2 Feet:
  • If you are neither learning or contributing it is your responsibility to respectfully use your own 2 feet to find some place you are learning or contributing.
Links for info about Open Space Technology are:
Spring Roundup!
An “Open Space” Workshop
For Rotary
Spring Roundup is a new way to improve our Rotary Clubs while having fun at the same time!  We engaged a new (to us!) way of training based on “Open Space Technology”, described above.  There have been Open Space workshops conducted at the club level, and we have had had two small but open events for the District as spring training in Summerland BC.  Reports and results of both are found in the sub-pages listed to the left side.