Agenda for 2018 Fall Assembly Weekend

Campbell's Resort  October 26 -27, 2018


The main part of the Agenda starts with a social reception (5pm Friday), and continues with the Banquet Friday evening and our day of "Strategic Training" on Saturday.  Friday afternoon at 3:30pm will feature several focussed breakout sessions for practitioners and leaders.  This is where the details of each strategic area will be addressed.
Added Bonus!!  If you would like to gain some presentation and/or facilitation skills, come to the new special workshop from 1:00-3:00pm on Friday!
2018 Fall Assembly Weekend Agenda
***ALL meals and presentations are in the Campbell's Resort Conference Center or the Chelan Chamber of Commerce, 216 E. Woodin Ave.
Friday 26 October
  1:00-3:00   ***BONUS Event:  Facilitation & Presentation Skills***
                             Special new training event organized by DG Sherry & your District Leaders (East+West Room)
                             Session Support:  Anna Harrison, Marjolein Lloyd, Cindy Piva.
  3:00-3:30   Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) (East+West Room)
  3:30-5:00   BO#1: Foundation Committee & Chairs (Ballroom 1 - DFC Pete Erickson)
                        BO#2: Public Image Committee & Chairs (East Room - DPIC Anna Harrison)
                        BO#3: Membership Committee & Chairs (West Room - DMC Rob Tidd)
                        BO#4: International Service (Chelan Chamber - DISC Carol Eamer)
                        BO#5: AG 2019-2020 Training (Governor’s Suite - DGE Peter Schultz & DGN Richard DeRock)
  5:00-7:00     Wine reception w/ appetizers (Chelan Chamber)
  7:00-9:00     Dinner w/speaker (Chris Patton) (Main Ballroom 2+3)
                           & Presentation from Chelan Chamber (Mike Steele)
Saturday 27 October
  7:00-8:00       Breakfast buffet (Main Ballroom 2+3)
  8:00-8:15       DG welcome (DG Sherry Chamberlain)    
  8:15-9:00       AG area reports (Facilitated: DGE Peter Schultz)
  9:00-9:20       Youth Protection (DGN Richard DeRock)
  9:20-9:40       Talk #1 (Foundation: Why we give & Summary of D5060 Success)
  9:40-10:00     Talk #2 (Membership: What makes District 5060 a Leader in Membership Growth)
  10:00-10:20     Break
  10:20-10:40     Talk #3 (Public Image: Why we need to Tell Rotary's Story!)
  10:40-11:00     Talk #4 (Leadership: Success Comes from Leadership)
  11:00-11:45      Open Space Table Sessions: Fundraising and Local Projects
  11:45-12:00     Post “Great Ideas” and start to shop the room.
  12:00-1:00       Lunch buffet & Continue to “Shop the Room”
  1:00-1:15         Debrief of Table Sessions (DG Sherry)
  1:15-1:25         Brief review of Rotary Insurance - North & South (Rob Lemire)
  1:30-2:30      BO#4A  Public Image (East Room, Anna Harrison & Marjolein Lloyd)
                          BO#5A  Membership Facilitated: Flexibility & Best Practices
                                          (West Room, Rob Tidd & PDG Jim Adamson)
                          BO#6A  Foundation District & Global Grants 101: What you need to know to get
                                          you and your club started on a Grant Project (Ballroom 1)
  Steve Altmayer & Kathy Butler
                          BO#7A  Leadership (Main Ballroom 2+3, PDG Don Evans & Cindy Piva)
  2:30-3:30      BO#4B  Public Image (East Room, Anna Harrison & Marjolein Lloyd)
                           BO#5A  Membership Facilitated: Flexibility & Best Practices
                                          (West Room, Rob Tidd & PDG Jim Adamson)
                          BO#6B  Foundation District & Global Grants 201: Drilling down for those
                                          experienced with Grant basics (Ballroom 1)
  Steve Altmayer & Kathy Butler
                          BO#7B  Leadership (Main Ballroom 2+3, PDG Don Evans & Cindy Piva)
  3:30-3:50     Tying it all Together (DGE Peter - Taken from new RLI Curriculum)                                  
  3:50-4:00     Concluding Remarks – DG Sherry