Value of Rotary Youth Leadership Awards 
Enables every Rotary Club to acknowledge service to the community by sponsoring participants
  • Enthuses young leaders and provides them with enhanced leadership techniques.
  • Exposes young people, their families and their peer groups, to Rotary ideals of Service.
  • Is a complementary program to other Rotary youth activities and has been instrumental in the formation of Rotaract clubs.
We are excited that, as a Rotarian, you are interested in supporting the RYLA Program in District 5050! RYLA is one of the few Rotary programs where family members of Rotarians can also participate.
RYLA has helped to build leaders across the world, and countless in our District too. We help participants gain skills, understanding, tools, and support through RYLA and Rotary. Some RYLA alumni have started or joined Rotaract and Rotary clubs. Others have also progressed their careers and philanthropy.. We have seen participants come back as facilitators, committee members, and even as Chair within the program; continuing to take on challenges through leadership.
How to Sponsor a Participant: 
The RYLA committee strongly encourages active participation from all Rotary Clubs in District 5050 to sponsor participants and/or facilitators for RYLA. If your club is unable to find a suitable participant, please contact us at for other ways to provide support.
Participants are expected to register themselves, listing a Rotarian from your club as the point of contact. Once a participant has registered, the named point of contact will be emailed by the RYLA committee to confirm the sponsorship and will be provided an invoice that is due upon receipt.  As we are required to confirm the number of participants one month before RYLA begins, we cannot offer any refunds for cancellations after that date.
For 2022 we are planning RYLA to be in person at Zajac Ranch in Mission, BC, Canada from October 13 - 16, 2022. 
Sponsorship fees: $500.00 CAD or $425.00 USD /participant 
We suggest that the sponsoring club make arrangements before RYLA for the candidates to speak to the club at the next meeting following the RYLA weekend.
If you are interested in getting involved with the program further by viewing the weekend and/or joining the committee, please connect with our Chair Sharon Crowson at