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The travelling Peace Arch was conceived by PDG Mel Hollinger in 1989. When Mel was installed as District Governor in 1990 he implemented the program with the following words:
"This Peace Arch is a symbol of friendship between our two countries. The object is to encourage us to travel back and forth across the border to neighbouring clubs to visit and enjoy Rotary. It must not sit on one side of the border for long periods of time."
Over the years it has travelled many thousands of miles across our border, and has help build many new Rotary friendships. Although it was conceived in 1989, it is uncertain when it actually began. According to an article written by Bruce Kleeberger, the first exchange of the Travelling Peace Arch took place on May 2nd, 2003 with the Rotary Club of Anacortes (WA). It has travelled across the border between "sons of a common mother" ever since.
When a club has received a surprise visit from the latest custodian of District 5050's symbol of inter-club fellowship, it is their responsibility to pass it on across the border as quickly as possible. In one case, the Bellingham Sunrise (WA) club, delivered it to the White Rock Peninsula Club (BC) within four hours.
For more information about the Travelling Peace Arch, please contact the TPA Coordinator by clicking here.