Contact: Dave Duskin
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Dwayne Lane's Arlington Chevrolet
20410 Smokey Point Blvd
Arlington, WA
United States

Membership: Making a Difference (The first of 2-2 hour sessions)

We first discuss the membership problem in North America and subsequently in our District. We move to each member's personal responsibility towards membership efforts, including development of two 30 second elevator speeches--"What is Rotary?" and "What is my Rotary story?" Focus is also on small steps to allow Rotary attraction versus large overwhelming steps.

The next portion of the presentation is about Club Cause and whether the community is aware of what that particular club's cause is? I ask for the evidence that shows the community knows the cause.

We circle back around with Club action for community awareness of their cause and then personal Rotarian commitment to inviting a potential new member to a Rotary activity.