Posted by HARRY KUNSELMAN on Feb 14, 2018
It was a "balmy" Valentine's Day.  Chris Guandolo was our designated greeter.
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Posted by Bill Elliott on Jul 29, 2014
Song Leader
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Posted by Jackie McLaughlin on Jul 15, 2014
Bill Elliott was late so Bill Smith did it all…. He was also out song leader…He led us in the following songs….and did a fine job!
  • Battle hymn of the Republic verse 1&5
  • R-O-T-A-R-Y both verses
  • < >
Mark Nelson collected fines…fines collected for missing meetings, for the good of the club , happy dollars, vacations, and a shootout for Derek  Jeter because of his accomplishments to major league baseball.
Announcement:  We are fortunate in having Beth Aiken as our incoming president starting at the end of July and John Barnett will be President-Elect for the following year.
Bed program. Deliver of 209 bed approx. $300 each.  That is a donation of approx. $67,000 to
the local community
Don’t forget to sign up for our Transition Dinner at the Grand Valley Inn starting at 5:30.
Our 50-50 is still intact!  I think Beth Aiken pulled the four of Clubs!!!
See you next week,
          Jackie McLaughlin
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Posted by Alicia Davis on Apr 02, 2014
We were warmly greeted by Rob Tracy. 
With Both President Fred and President Elect Ray away, the ever entertaining Victor Raskovsky led the meeting. After the Pledge of Allegiance, Bryan DeHart led us in prayer.
Liz Sullivan, our lovely piano player accompanied Bob Lewis as he led us in song. Today’s selections were R-O-T-A-R-Y, America, The Beautiful, and Smile. 
We were honored to have three guests today.  Alicia Davis introduced Hancock County Savings Bank President-CEO, Cathy Ferrari.  Joe Forrester introduced Helen Kissick who has made application to join our club, and Jackie McLaughlin introduced Bruce Fleming who is a Realtor & Marketing Coordinator at Bovard-Anderson.

Vic. announced that Bob Lewis has been named a Paul Harris Fellow plus three and Mark Nelson a Paul Harris Fellow plus one. Congratulations to both Bob and Mark and thank you for your dedication to Rotary.
Mark Nelson collected “fines” with many congratulatory dollars given in honor of our Paul Harris Fellows.

Vic gave us an auction update. The auction is Saturday April 12th at Cutler Hammer. A signup sheet was passed around to sign-up to answer the phones that day. It will continue to pass around the next several weeks as well as sent by email. A sign-up sheet for the help with distributing the auction items was also passed around.  Harold Reed brought information on the Hilton Head Rotary Auction.
Bill Smith discussed the application form that is being implemented for the Bed Program.  The documentation will help ensure that donor confidence is maintained.  The application was circulated for review.
  • April 12           Rotary Auction 
  • April 27           Foundation Luncheon at Rivers Casino
  • May 3              Night At The Races hosted by the North Boroughs Rotary Club,                 Contact Dave Hutchinson at 724-316-0760 or
  • May 7              Ethics Symposium We are sponsoring Beaver Area High School Students
  • May 17            Rotary Fun Night at a Pittsburgh Power Game.
  • June 22-27       RYLA Camp at La Roche College
  • June 26-29       District Conference at Seven Springs with District 7330
  • August 22       DGE Herman's District Golf Outing.
Bryan DeHart provided a program on Brighton Township.  He covered everything including where the water comes from and where the sewage goes…lol.  There are 8,000 residents in the Township.  The median income is $74,600 which is 25% higher than the median for the county and the state.  84% of the homes are owner occupied and 76% of the homes have one or more working members in the household.  What’s it like to be the Township Manager?  Bryan said it’s like Dutton Peabody in “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”.  You do a little bit of everything including sweeping the floor.   The Township has three Board Members.  Each Board Member serves a 6 year term with an election being held every two years.  The most common complaint in the Township what a person’s neighbor is or isn’t doing.  Brighton Township is a great place to live and Bryan is very thankful to be its Manager.
The jack pot continues to grow as the remaining cards go down.  Alicia’s guest, Hancock County Savings Bank President-CEO, Cathy Ferrari, pulled the winning 50/50 ticket which just happened to belong to Alicia….hmmmm!  Alicia pulled the six of clubs winning $6.00. 
See you next week

Alicia Davis
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Posted on Aug 13, 2013
Duty Date Greeter Invocation Song Leader Bulleton Writer
Duty Roster
Aug 7 Grant Miller John Barnett Joe Forrester Harry Kunselman
Aug 14 Ray Longerich Craig Baker Dale Nine Harold Reed
Aug 21 Jim Wallace Beth Aiken Bob Lewis Mary Maljevec
Aug 28 Jackie McLaughlin Gramt Miller Vic Raskovsky Alicia Field
                                                 Beaver Rotary Meeting August 14, 2013
Fellow Rotarians:
PRESIDENT ELECT RAY LONGERICH greeted us as we arrived and also, in the absence of our PRESIDENT FRED SEGAL called all Rotarians to order with the Pledge of Allegiance.
CRAIG BAKER led us in prayer.  Praise God!
JOHN BARNETT filled in today to lead us in song.  He claimed it was a baseball theme as we sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” and “Take Me Out To The Ball Game”.  We finished with “Smile, Sing A Song”.  Thanks for filling in JOHN .
MARK NELSON collected fines. Several people commented on the spring weather with a high in the middle of August trying to reach 70 degrees.
PRESIDENT ELECT RAY LONGERICH said the PRESIDENT FRED will be awaiting a $10 FINE for not having a program lined up before he left!  I just cannot imagine what else could have been on FRED’S mind???  Could it have been his marriage to Karin Schneewind!!!  Interesting name Schneewind....means snowy wind.  Couldn’t be this is predicting a cool fall.
Program:  PRESIDENT ELECT RAY LONGERICH filled in and provided a report on a mission trip he did to the Dominican Republic a while back.  He noted how the poverty really strikes you, and the lack of basic human needs and hygiene.  Bordering Haiti the Dominican Republic, is even poorer, and the Dominicans do not look upon their neighboring Haitians with much good will.
RAY shared a story with a run-in with the road bandits on their way in and how prayer and singing finally drove them away empty handed.
RAY also spoke of many other things that were performed on the mission trip.  Too bad for those who were not present was a very interesting report.
50/50 – BOB LEWIS won $10.  The big pot rolls on! Over $500 to the lucky winner.  Good thing Craig Nunamaker isn’t around or he would be sure to win it!
See you next week,
Bryan K. Dehart
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