1213 PM – Call to order by Jackie
  • Pledge
  • Prayer by Bryan Dehart
  • No singing, Pianist not available today.
  • Morgan, an associate of Dr. Beth Aiken and Riverside Family Chiropractic, was introduced as the a guest.
Jackie mentioned the following upcoming events and Rotary announcements:
  • District Mid-Year meeting is in August.
  • Rotary Business for Breakfast.  Sat. Feb 3rd
  • There are new rules and regulations for obtaining grants from District.
Review of Art Auction
Jackie would like to form a committee to discuss the auction in more detail. Discussed were some cons of the facility, namely, poor lighting and parking.  Also, the absence of WIFI demanded the use of and outdated credit processing method.  This resulted is a 3% fee that diminished our returns.
A large pro of the facility is the cost, which netted to only $150.00.
The net profit to our club as the result of the event was $3,969.  This is net of the split with Ft. Mc.
We sold 92 tickets. Ft. Mc. Sold 52.
  • Fines were collected by Mr. Tracy.
  • Vic discussed the upcoming annual Rotary Auction April 22nd.
  • Jackie mentioned that we were selling tickets for the 3rd annual St. Patrick’s Day event for $50.
  • Dian Gardner’s petition to join Rotary was circulated and voted upon favorably.
  • Michael, Site Administrator of Old Economy Village was our guest speaker.
  • 110 Pm Meeting Adjourned.