Jan 18, 21017 Eager Beaver
Pres Jackie opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and the Rev Bryon led us in prayer.
Hank conducted the songs of:
  • The more we get together
  • The whole world in his hands
  • Smile
Pres Jackie advised:
  • Help is needed for the art auction and a sign up sheet was passed around.   For those not in attendance contact Jackie for duties.
  • Our share of the profit is based on attendance so if you cannot attend please give you tickets to someone who can attend.
Erika introduce the students of the month and parents:
  • Cary Ferrand and parents  Heather and Jeff
  • Mary Grabowski and mother Elaine
Kevin introduced our guest speaker Rev Patricia Weirich.
  • Operated a homeless shelter for men at the Lutheran Church in Beaver Falls
  • Average stay is 6-8 weeks with a normal attendance of 15-18 men and more in the cold weather.
  • They provide help to find housing, jobs and treatment.
  • She was surprised that most of the men were homeless because they lost jobs or in some cases ended foster care.
  • Donations of paper supplies or cleaning fluids can be dropped off at the church at 4 th and 11 th streets in Beaver Falls.  Please drop donations off at 7 PM or later when they open.
Heather won the 50/50 with a 3.