Jackie brought the meeting to order
Brian Dehart led the prayer.
Beth Aiken led the group in song.
Jackie discussed the rotary brunch/lunch at the Rivers Casino on March 25th.  We are looking for at least 10 people to attend.  
Vic did a wonderful presentation on Lebanon.  He took a trip there for Christmas with his wife.  He also got to attend a Rotary meeting in Byblos! He brought home a small banner from that Rotary Chapter. Beirut, to quote Victor, is like "LA but with smaller roads". Christians are actually the largest religious group in Lebanon.  The presentation included pictures that showed the extent to which the city is decorated for the Christmas season.  Muslims in Lebanon celebrate Christmas and recognize Jesus and Moses as prophets.  In fact in Christian Lebanon, Mary is their Patron Saint.  In the town of Sidon, a statue of Mary was erected in commemoration of her visit to the city while waiting for Jesus.
In Lebanon, a person's religion is listed on their ID card and elections are done by religion.  The population of Lebanon is 6 million people and approximately 3 million refugees.  The country does not so much have states as it does "areas" delineated by religion.  The largest industry is agriculture, growing most notably apples, lemons, and bananas.  
A wide variety of architectural patterns were on display during the presentation.  New construction stood along side more traditional buildings.  Even a few Crusader castles were mixed in.  Victor also had a number of artifacts on display that pre-date Christ.  They included, among other items, a spearhead and an oil lamp.  
Bill advised us that we are now up to 276 beds delivered.  
Mary drew the raffle winner-it was Bill Smith and he drew the 3 of hearts.