Feb 1,2017
Jackie called the meeting to order and lead Pledge of Allegiance
Erika followed with invocation
No singing this week
Jackie had a request from Beaver Borough as to who did our street signs.  If anyone knows please let Jackie know.
Rob collected fines
Kevin Bingle and Bill Smith talked about the bed program.  Bed program started 10 years and 3 months ago with Head Start.  In 2016 we had 35 applications.  In 2017 we have 8 applications so far.  A copy of application and spread sheet as to beds delivered since 2015 was distributed.
Discussion on applications was brought up.  Should we change anything on it.  What age limit was discussed, how many beds should go to one home, should we be doing replacement beds or just no bed at all in home for child.
Cost of beds are $250 for bed and $50 for bedding.  We deliver to all of Beaver County.  The process we are looking for is to help child to a better place to sleep.  We have restricted moneys for bed program and those funds must go to the beds.
Harry is creating a guideline as to what our bed program is about.  That way the different agencies, churches know what we offer.
Talked about gathering a listing of what agencies, church, schools etc to provide guide lines.  Discussed if we should develop a task force team to meet with different places that has reached out to us for beds.  Discussion on helping Bill and Vic with delivery of the beds.  They are retired, so morning works best, however if Rotarian wants to help with the setup, please offer your services and get on the listing for the delivery.  Mary went out and let us know how rewarding the effort is to see. 
The group thanked Bill, Kevin, Mary and Vic for all hard work and effort that is put into getting the applications, delivering the beds with bedding and setting them up.  In the past various members and some nonmembers have helped in the process.  A huge shout out of thanks to all involved.  Many children and family members have welcomed this program.
More discussion to follow.
Bob pulled the Queen of Hearts.
Meeting was adjourned.