May 3, 2017 Eager Beaver
Pres Jackie led us in the Pledge of Allegiance, Alicia led us in a poem and prayer and Dale led us in singing:
  • He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands
  • HOMER on the Range
  • Smile
Yvonne collected fines with no mercy.
Pres Jackie advised that:
  • BASD is looking for people to review Senior's portfolios on May 26.  There is a notice on the school’s web site.
  • The transition dinner is Wednesday, June 28, 6 PM at the McLaughlin farm
  • Jane Elliott asked that Bill’s latest Paul Harris Fellowship be gifted as the club decides.
Connie advised that the scholarship recipient has been selected and thanked those who reviewed the students.
Our guest speaker, Tracey Irwin of Beaver County Behavioral Health discussed Act 53, involuntary commitment of minors for drug problems.
  • Drug abuse frequently begins in the medicine cabinet at home
  • Drugs abuse usually results in significant changes in behavior
  • Act 53 is well organized and done very quickly in Beaver County
  • Act 53 commitment does not result in a criminal record.
Mary won the 50/50 with the 5 of diamonds.