August 31, 2016
President Jackie led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and Bob led us in prayer.
Liz was unable to attend the meeting and reported that she continues to help her husband, and that the club should begin to look for another piano player who will be able to attend meetings regularly.  If anyone has suggestions, please let us know.
Hank introduced Heather Nevill, who has joined our club.  Hank and Jackie gave Heather the Rotary membership certificate, pins and other materials.  Heather works at the Beaver office of WesBanco.  She was warmly welcomed into membership with a standing ovation.
Erika Kinkead provided a most interesting and informative presentation on the Rotary Youth Exchange program.  Erika was herself an Exchange student in Chile during 2007-08 following her senior year of high school.  She spoke about her wonderful experiences with her many new friends in school, in her host family, and with other U.S. Exchange students.  The Exchange program usually encompasses one year, during which the student lives with one or more families in a foreign country and attends high school there.  Students speak the native language of the host family/country.  It is a transformational, life-changing experience for students.  Approximately 78,000 Youth Exchange students travel abroad each year and study in over 80 foreign countries.  The program is administered at the district level.  Erika will explore how our club might participate going forward.
Our newest member, Heather, appropriately won the 50-50 with the nine of hearts.
We are currently looking for the username and password for our Facebook site.  If anyone has this information please let Jackie know as soon as possible.