March 8, 2017 - Rotary Newsletter 
On a sunny, Spring-like day, Connie Kennedy was our greeter with a smile.
Harry Kunselman was our prayer-giver.
There was no singing of songs today because our program was a musical presentation, and we wanted to leave as much time for enjoyment as possible.
Club Announcements:
·         The Rotary Foundation Buffet luncheon is on Sunday, March 26. 2017 from noon to 4:00 at Rivers Casino.  Harry Kunselman, Alicia and her husband, Paul, and maybe Erika are going.  We would like to have 7 to 10 people if we can.  Please let Jackie know if you can attend.  We will get a free Paul Harris if we fill a table.
·         The Ft. McIntosh Foundation’s St. Practice Day event was Saturday.  Rotary was a sponsor.  They raised over $50,000 at this event.
·         Rotary Auction:  As another general reminder, 3/22 is the deadline for submission of auction items.  A couple of items turned in today bring us to about 2/3 of where we were last year.  Cash donations are happily accepted from $200 to $250.  The Auction is on Saturday, 4/22.  Sign-ups will be solicited soon for working the auction answering phones, or going to the bank to distribute merchandise.
·         3/22 will be our next board meeting.  We have several requests for donations to consider and approve.
·         we are sending a group of students to the ethics symposium.  Erika will report on how this went after the event takes place.
Fines were collected for sunshine: Rob Tracy’s son, who came in 3rd at his wrestling championship;  Harry Kunselman was pin less; Ben welcomed Matt Eckert back to the fold; Erika announced that the Hermitage Rotary is going to have a Walk for Water on 3/25.  See our Facebook page for details if you want to participate or support this effort.
Bob Lewis introduced Jonnet Solomon, who gave a presentation and demonstration on Steel Pan Music. 
The Steep Pan was invented in the British Caribbean by children who wanted to play classical music, but they did not have instruments.  Jonnet and her family are originally from Guayana, a former British colony, and now the only English-speaking country in the Caribbean.  The language is Queen’s English, which is very refined.  Jonnet’s parents came to America to expand the Steel Pan business.  They specifically chose to settle in Pittsburgh because it is known as the Steel City.  However, now, they get their steel from Ohio.  All of their instruments are hand-made here in Pittsburgh from 56 gallon steel barrels.  The mallets with which the instruments are played are made out of birch wood.  They also have cedar wood mallets which are lighter.
The steel drum hangs from a plumber’s pipe frame with fishing line. The cases for the drums are hand-made.
Jonnet played Amazing Grace for us, the most requested song at Rotary clubs.  She also played a song called Yellow Bird.
The drums are tuned by her father by using ball-pean hammer.  The notes are tuned by shape. 
Her family’s company helped start the Ambridge Steel Band.  Theirs was the first company in America to make Steel Pan instruments.
She closed with another beautiful song and allowed members to try the instrument following the meeting.
Kudo’s to Bob Lewis for finding a great program.
The 50-50 was won by Rob Tracy with a deuce.
Harry F. Kunselman 
ADDENDUM:   Bill Elliot is in the hospital please keep him in you prayers.