We greeted each other today on a cool and cloudy fall day. President Jackie led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Bryan Depart gave the invocation.
The meal consisted of soup, beef pot roast, green beans, and pumpkin cake.
Erika was DRAFTED as our song leader today.  The songs were ViVe Le Rotary, If Your Happy And You Know It, and Smile.

President Jackie announced two grants that we received recently.

(1) Beaver County Foundation- $2500 for the Bed Program or for educational projects.
(2) Hancock County Savings Bank Foundation- $2000 for the Bed Program

Rob Tracy collected fines.  Vic noted that this year is the 100 anniversary of the Rotary Foundation.  We currently have 7 members that have contributed $100 or more to the foundation this year. We have more members participating but we still need more help in order to meet our goal of giving $100 per year per member to the foundation. 
Bill Smith tooted Penn State’s horn for the upset win over Ohio State.
President Jackie said it was the first loss for Ohio State in a long time.

The club is sending 4 students and 1 teacher to the World Affairs Institute in Pittsburgh on Nov 15.

Harry Kunselman introduced our speaker Al Wells from the Pittsburgh Rotary Club. His presentation centered on a multi district project — Pittsburgh 7300— Coastal Maine 7780— and Amman, Jordan Rotary District.

All 3 Rotary Districts raised money and with the help of Rotary International matching funds.  The total for this international project is $186,000.  This project is helping the Syrian refugee children and families that have escaped from the war in Syria.  Al gave us a history of the project. Due to the war, Syria has at least 12 million people with no homes or employment. Jordan a neighboring country has taken as many as 1million Syrian refugees. There is a need to educate these refugee children during the critical years of educational development that are 6-12 years old.

The Multi-Grant Program is to educate children in the Amman Jordan school system.  200 children 6-12 years old, 30 children 13-18 years old, and 100 children after school program.

The key to make this project successful is a volunteer group in Amman Jordan — The Collateral Repair Project.  This group is staffed by women who help refugee families in coping with this transformation. This international project along with Rotary and the Collateral Repair Volunteer Group will provide tuition, back packs, etc for educating these children.

 ADDENDUM NOTE: At the board meeting the board voted today to donate $1000 to this project.

Connie won the 50/50 again and pulled the 7 of clubs. The pot total is up to $379.
Bryan Dehart announced that Sat Oct 29th we will meet at Beth Aiken’s business parking lot at 8am for the litter cleanup of Tusca Road. The more people we have the faster we can clean up this area.

Bill Smith