Ein schöner Mittwoch, es ist!  Yes, indeed.  For those not fluent in German - and that includes me, it says, “A beautiful Wednesday, it is!”  Ahhhh, behold the power of the Internet and Google Translate!
It was a somewhat German theme with lunch today and Madam President Jackie displayed flags that visitors from all over have brought us.  If you’re planning on visiting out of the area - domestic or international - and think you just might drop in on a club during your sojourn, make sure you take one of our flags to give them and make sure you bring one back.  Not sure the ‘where, when, what day’ a club will meet?  RI provides this handy, dandy club looker-upper:
It works, too.  I found three clubs in a 5-mile radius of where my son lives in Brooklyn, NY - guess there’s no getting out of it when I next find myself in the Big Apple…
For those who didn’t know, our lovely Miss Liz Sullivan had to call it quits as our pianist; she’ll be watching over her husband who’s not been well, as of late.  But wait!  We do have another!  I believe this is her second week with us.  Next time you find yourself in the meeting room, please make Mardy (short for Mardele - and I’m not sure it that’s with a ‘y or an ‘ie’) Sinclair feel welcome.  Today she accompanied the group with our rendition of The Sidewalks of New York, Sing Out a Song of Rotary, and the ever-popular Smile.
As always, we collected some pretty fine fines too.  They covered everything from it being a beautiful day, a smattering of birthday bucks, happy dollars, safe travel, college tours, sports, and one for Vic’s bugs - I’m thinking that’s just a wee bit TMI!  Just like life brings us joyful days, it also has sad ones too.  Two young men from right here in Beaver were gunned down in Aliquippa - two young lives gone.  We had a fine donated to make sure we take a moment and remember these two families as they try to cope with their losses.
President Jackie gave us an update on the Art Auction fundraiser.  The date has been changed to Saturday, January 21, 2017 and will be held at Brady’s Run Park’s newest facility - the Four Seasons Pavilion.  More information will follow during our weekly meetings.  It’s never too early to start inquiring about sponsors for this event.
Our program today was our very own new pianist, Mardy Sinclair, and I’ve dubbed her the Story Lady.   A retired teacher, she has many Rotary connections within her family, and also with her new extended family via our club.  Her involvement with children was very evident with all the delightful props she brought along but my very, absolute favorite part was when she read us a story… Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.  Involved in the Kohl’s Cares for Kids program, Mardy invited us to “Let’s Be Kids Again”.    Please oh please read to us again!  You’re never too old for a good story!  Only problem with that is I wanted to take a nap afterwards!
We ended the day with a 50/50 pot tempting us at $317.  Yvonne Connor was the lucky ticket holder but didn’t have the right card.  She did, however, end up with $4 back in her wallet.
Till we meet again!  Stay happy, stay safe!
~ Esmerelda