Posted by Bert Rinkel
Woodland Community Harvest (WCH) ran out of bins for the first time!
January 26 we had a great pick in town with nine volunteers, two new ones! We ran out of bins for the first time ever. The problem was that the Yolo Food Bank could not receive anymore oranges or grapefruit for the week, so last Tuesday's pick of 800 # was still sitting in Nick's driveway for the Sacramento Food-Bank for pick-up the following week. We had filled up the remaining bins, when Candido, one of our volunteers (see picture below), offered to get some more bins from Home Depot. He not only got them, but donated them to WCH!! We finished our pick, ending up with about 1000 #. The Yolo Food Bank could take it after all and we ended up with 1983 #. So far WCH has contributed almost 9,000 # this season, which is off to a great start. Next, Nick and Bert took the trailer to Big-O for new tires in preparation for tomorrow's pick in Esparto.