Posted by Leticia Villagrana on Feb 18, 2020
President Brian thanks Paul for his program on trekking in Nepal.
February Cocktail at Mojos
February 29 Woodland Noon club dinner/auction, beneficiary is WHS Scoreboard
March 17 St. Patricks at Luna Vista Rotary
March 21 Regional Meeting in Red bluff: see e-mail
February 25 Brew Fest Meeting at 5:00pm at Morgan’s on Main
March 29  Barbara Joy Melton’s memorial  at Oddfellows Lodge 2pm
April 4 Regional Meeting in February: see e-mail
April 19  Art show 2:00pm, in Capay, volunteers needed, coordinate through Victoria
April 25 Davis Sunrise is having a birthday party with a sit-down dinner
May 2nd- Project Amigo’s fundraiser in San Francisco, talk to Cass
May 9 Chinese Ag tour culminate at Seka Hill
Board approved $800 to finish the depot project.
Raylene is writing a global grant for a school in Kenya
We are donating $700 to the Pioneer High School LINK program for a BBQ lunch (12:30-1:30), will need some help
Thank you to everyone for helping with the Black/Multicultural History celebration in Guinda
Lunatic of the week:
Dave Reed- all his work on the Guinda celebration
Program: Trekking in Nepal, Paul Erickson
Nepal is the trekking capital of the world.  Mount Everest is the highest mountain, 90 percent success rate for people who climb Everest.  Nepal is the 31st poorest country in the world, accommodations are primitive especially the higher up you go.  The largest steeple in the world in Katmandu, Nepal.  At this altitude, you have to slow down, you can’t go normal speed.   It was a great experience!
Next meeting: February 25th