Posted by Denny Patrick on Jan 09, 2018
President Tom presents our own Joe Muller's incredible olive oil soap to our guest Leslie Lindbo, Director of Planning for Yolo County.
We Celebrated Birthdays and Anniversaries for the  Month of January.
President Tom and Lynette presented a $10,000 dollar check for the Yolo Food bank to Kevin Sanchez, Food Bank Director, and Tom Muller, President of Board of Directors. This check represents all our planning and hard work at the 2017 Brew Fest, Thank You Lynette and all our Club for our hard teamwork and can do attitude.
We received a heartfelt thank you from St. Johns for the work we have done at there entrance. Kudos to Raylene for spearheading the project.
Speaking of St. Johns Raylene mentioned that the patio at St. Johns ( One of the Clubs earlier endeavors) could use a much needed face lift.  Any thoughts?
Remember the Courageous Conversations Workshop in Berkley. 1/27 from 8:30 to 1:00  Tickets are $25.00 ( checks payable to Berkley Rotary) This should be an outstanding workshop. Deadline for registration January 15.
Update from Cecil Padilla on Polio: We began 2017 with very promising results 3 reported cases. This result remained through the first 3 quarters. The 4th quarter not so good, where the result as of 12/28 reported 12 in Afghanistan and 8 in Pakistan. Our work is still cut out for us and it will remain even more difficult going forward.
Susie Stocking, from the Sacramento Valley National Cemetery sent a huge thank you to all who placed wreaths.  They are looking for volunteers this Saturday 1/13 to remove thousands of wreaths.  Work will begin at 7:30 AM. They need Trucks to haul wreaths to dumpsters.
Mitt Smith, the Districk 5160 Public Image Chair has requested help in creating a committee to emphasize Rotary's public Image. If there is any interest from any members of the club please contact Tom or Milt Smith ( . He would like to have the committee formed by mid February.  Meeting will primarily be phone or internet.
Victoria announced we raised $365.00 from our Chinese raffle to go to our Interactors club. Whoohoo!
Leslie Lindbo Presented a slide presentation and informative narration on " Cannabis: Community Forum"
The agenda covered Background, Land Use Ordinance, Community  Concerns, Where does Cannabis fit in our community?, Community Impacts: Density, Water, Energy, Fencing, Infrastructure, Crime. Also on Small Cottage Cultivation, Signage Concerns and Personal/ Patient Cultivation.  She delved into some of the problems that are some of the major concerns  of the residents of the community such as odor control, increased crime and proximity to schools and neighborhoods. If anyone would like to see one of her indepth fliers I will bring it to the meeting on January 16th.