Posted by Paul Nelson on May 05, 2020
This week we hear about how 4th & Hope is navigating the Pandemic while planning for the future.
We were joined by (almost done) Assistant District Governor Duane Ewing.  Woody Fridae will be stepping in to be our ADG starting in July.
May Birthdays - Paul Nelson & Betty Rickard.
No Anniversaries in May.
The Empower Yolo Clothing Drive is ongoing plus The Food Bank is looking for Volunteers
Lunatic of the Week:  Leticia Villagrana!
Several cancelled Rotary events are being re-imagined in a virtual format.  Keep your eyes peeled for announcements about the Annual President's Installation, Awards Show, and International Convention.
Tonight's program was brought to us by Doug Zeck and Dawn Brown from 4th & Hope.
Doug touched on some of the history and past accomplishments of 4th & Hope.  Also their cooperation with the Woodland PD HOST team.
They are always interested in volunteers and groups to volunteer to provide prep work, cooking, and/or serving meals 1 day a month.
And even more so because of the Pandemic, they are in need of items for the residents.
Lastly, Doug touched on the East Beamer Project (Beamer and 1902) to add capacity to 4th and Hope.  They are about 2/3 of the way to securing all the funds they need to get started on this 5+ acre site.
Next Week: Dr. Tim Bernard (and colleagues) - Update on Woodland Clinic and COVID-19.